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At Juniper Systems, our third maxim states:

“We assure quality in our products and services by understanding and meeting customer expectations.”

To us, this means that if a customer comes to us and has a special request or a unique need, we do our best to make accommodations and changes for them. We also strive to listen and respond to customer feedback, even if it involves changing our original plans.

Over the years, we have made many, many adjustments and changes in response to requests from our customers. Some of these changes are actually very unique and interesting, so I thought I’d share a few of them with you. Listed below are a handful of implementations that were a direct result of customer requests: Continue Reading…

This week, Juniper Systems got a call from Esri’s Wildland Fire Specialist. He asked if we could lend them a few Mesa® Rugged Notepads to help with disaster management in the Colorado flooding areas. Shortly after speaking with him, we boxed up 10 Mesas and shipped them off to Colorado, and we’ve received several updates that they are being put to good use.

Upon receiving the Mesas, designated officials were first given training on how to properly use and collect data with the rugged handhelds.


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If you work in the fisheries industry and you’re looking to speed up your data collection, we’ve got a new brochure out about our customizable fisheries solutions. You can download it by clicking on the image below.

Fisheries image


Horse with Archer Field PCIn our service department, an Archer Field PC recently came in for repair with an interesting story attached. The customer it belonged to—Fort Supply— is a partner of ours and provides hardware and software solutions to customers in Livestock & Animal Health Management, Factory Maintenance, Mining, and Agronomy. The Archer had a cracked screen and damaged keyboard. Continue Reading…