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Allegro 2 keyboard

Throughout most of the tech scene, we’ve generally been seeing a phase-out of physical keyboards on handheld devices, with electronics manufacturers opting instead for purely touch interfaces.

You have to admit that that pristine, uninterrupted expanse of glass looks pretty sexy on a handheld device. However, in the rugged handheld world, “sexy” doesn’t always equate to “functional,” and functionality is key when designing a device for data collection professionals. Continue Reading…

Cedar CT4 HandheldCedar CMP1 MiniPhoneCedar CT7 TabletJuniper Systems’ subsidiary company, Cedar Tree Technologies, has recently been merged into Juniper, allowing you to buy Cedar rugged handhelds directly from Juniper Systems.

What are Cedar Tree handhelds, you ask? And how are they different from Juniper Systems’ handhelds? We’ll lay it out for you to help you decide which product is right for you.

Cedar Tree handhelds lie somewhere along the line between consumer devices and Juniper Systems’ ultra-rugged handhelds. They differ in a number of ways: Continue Reading…