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Hkakabo Razi

National Geographic writer, Mark Jenkins, collecting GPS data at the team’s highest point on Hkakabo Razi. Photo credit: Renan Ozturk

You may remember a blog post we wrote a while back about an American expedition team that ventured to the peak of Myanmar’s never-before-climbed Mount Gamlang Razi, in an effort to record its elevation and (hopefully) establish it as the new highest peak in Southeast Asia. Continue Reading…

When it comes to increasing productivity, the simpler the process, the better.

That was our line of thinking as we designed and built the A2 Single & Multi Docks. Compatible with the Archer 2™ and Allegro 2™ rugged handhelds, the A2 Dock eliminates the tangle of cords you have to negotiate every time you want to charge your handheld and sync your data.

The result? Greater simplicity and efficiency. Fewer headaches.

Watch the video below, showing how super easy charging and syncing is with the A2 dock. To get a quote, contact us online or give us a call at 435.753.1881.


HarvestMaster's on-site services

A HarvestMaster engineer works on installing the H2 GrainGage.

Our HarvestMaster engineers recently flew out to Minnesota for an on-site service visit, replacing a customer’s HM400 GrainGages™ with new H2 GrainGages, and servicing their other systems. They ensured that the new GrainGages were properly installed, performed calibrations, and helped familiarize the customer with the different features and capabilities of the H2. Continue Reading…

Scott WillsThis is a guest post written by Scott Wills, Marketing Director at Datazeo, a Juniper Systems partner. Datazeo specializes in providing smart meter-reading solutions for water utilities.

With water shortages prevalent in many areas across the country, the monitoring and management of water usage is an increasingly pertinent topic. For water utilities, having water usage data from various service areas that is both current and easily accessible within a single system is essential. However, it’s also a persisting challenge, due to the fact that multiple water meter reading technologies and systems are being employed at any one time, forcing utilities companies to manage each system separately. Continue Reading…