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Cedar CT7 TabletJuniper Systems recently joined up with TerraGo®, provider of geospatial collaboration and enterprise mobility software, to combine our Android®-operated Cedar rugged handhelds with TerraGo Edge, a mobile GPS collaboration platform. Continue Reading…


In case you couldn’t make it to our recent SnowGage webinar, you can now watch the recording below. Continue Reading…

Hkakabo Razi

National Geographic writer, Mark Jenkins, collecting GPS data at the team’s highest point on Hkakabo Razi. Photo credit: Renan Ozturk

You may remember a blog post we wrote a while back about an American expedition team that ventured to the peak of Myanmar’s never-before-climbed Mount Gamlang Razi, in an effort to record its elevation and (hopefully) establish it as the new highest peak in Southeast Asia. Continue Reading…

Scott WillsThis is a guest post written by Scott Wills, Marketing Director at Datazeo, a Juniper Systems partner. Datazeo specializes in providing smart meter-reading solutions for water utilities.

With water shortages prevalent in many areas across the country, the monitoring and management of water usage is an increasingly pertinent topic. For water utilities, having water usage data from various service areas that is both current and easily accessible within a single system is essential. However, it’s also a persisting challenge, due to the fact that multiple water meter reading technologies and systems are being employed at any one time, forcing utilities companies to manage each system separately. Continue Reading…

Esri User ConferenceJuniper Systems is headed to the Esri User Conference in San Diego July 20–24. If you’re headed that direction, come visit us in booth #2212 and 2210. Our booth staff is highly knowledgeable and can help you with any questions you might have about our rugged handheld computers or data collection in general. Got a question about a specific application? They can help.

We’ll also be showing off our rugged solutions for data collection. Here’s a sneak peak:

Our Inexpensive Sub-Meter GPS Solution

Archer 2 SurveyingWho said attaining sub-meter accuracy had to be expensive? Not us, that’s for sure. This simple solution is a hardware/software bundle consisting of Esri ArcPad, Effigis’ EZSurv Post-Processing Software, and a Juniper Systems handheld. Check out our data sheet here to learn more, or, for a more thorough demonstration, watch our webinar on a similar sub-meter solution we offer.

Cedar Tree Android® Rugged Handhelds

Cedar CT7 TabletWe recently merged Cedar Tree Technologies into Juniper Systems, allowing us to carry their inexpensive, Android-operated rugged handhelds. Cedar Tree handhelds offer an affordable solution, along with thousands of business-ready apps available through the Google Play Store. Learn about the differences between Cedar Tree and Juniper Systems products in this blog post. For more information, contact us here and we’d be happy to help.

Juniper Systems Ultra-Rugged Handhelds

Allegro 2 rugged handheldAnd then of course, we’ll be showing off our Juniper Systems ultra-rugged handhelds: the Allegro 2, Archer 2, and Mesa Rugged Notepad. Juniper handhelds are waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof, provide all-day battery power (and much longer), have bright, outdoor-visible displays, and help you make the most out of your data collection process. If you’re looking for quality, you can’t beat a Juniper handheld.

So if you’re at the show, stop by and see us! If not, visit our website our give us a call at 435.753.1881 to learn more. Or you can always leave a comment below.


Electronic Data Solutions (EDS) is holding an upcoming webinar on April 23rd at 11AM–12PM CDT on how to use its Everglade data collection software to quickly and accurately prepare, collect, and produce wetland determination reports. Continue Reading…

Archer 2 Rugged Handheld

Australian Global Technologies (AGT), a new Juniper Systems partner, is now offering either their Pocket Surveyor or Field Surveyor software, FREE when you buy an Archer 2™ through an AGT reseller. Continue Reading…