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Today, we wanted to share with you a really neat use case of the Archer 2™ Rugged Handheld. Recently, a customer approached our business partner, Elecdata, with the need for a solution that could help them efficiently and accurately map assets and features surrounding a Major League Baseball field. The customer needed to gather precise measurements in order to design and provide quotes to MLB teams for backstop safety netting systems. Continue Reading…

Machine Sentry & Archer 2Based in the UK, our business partner, AVT Reliability, provides asset integrity and performance monitoring, training, maintenance consultancy, and Total Pump Management (TPM)/products to manufacturers and plant operators and is the largest industrial services company of its kind.

This month, AVT Reliability announced their new condition monitoring and maintenance solution, which utilizes their Machine Sentry® software and Juniper Systems’ Archer 2 Rugged Handheld™. Continue Reading…

Photo credit: E.H. Wachs

Photo credit: E.H. Wachs

Based out of Illinois, E.H. Wachs is a Juniper Systems partner whose “Utility Products” division provides valve maintenance products, controllers, and software to water and natural gas industries in locations around the world.

Continue Reading…

Hkakabo Razi

National Geographic writer, Mark Jenkins, collecting GPS data at the team’s highest point on Hkakabo Razi. Photo credit: Renan Ozturk

You may remember a blog post we wrote a while back about an American expedition team that ventured to the peak of Myanmar’s never-before-climbed Mount Gamlang Razi, in an effort to record its elevation and (hopefully) establish it as the new highest peak in Southeast Asia. Continue Reading…

When it comes to increasing productivity, the simpler the process, the better.

That was our line of thinking as we designed and built the A2 Single & Multi Docks. Compatible with the Archer 2™ and Allegro 2™ rugged handhelds, the A2 Dock eliminates the tangle of cords you have to negotiate every time you want to charge your handheld and sync your data.

The result? Greater simplicity and efficiency. Fewer headaches.

Watch the video below, showing how super easy charging and syncing is with the A2 dock. To get a quote, contact us online or give us a call at 435.753.1881.


Allegro 2 keyboard

Throughout most of the tech scene, we’ve generally been seeing a phase-out of physical keyboards on handheld devices, with electronics manufacturers opting instead for purely touch interfaces.

You have to admit that that pristine, uninterrupted expanse of glass looks pretty sexy on a handheld device. However, in the rugged handheld world, “sexy” doesn’t always equate to “functional,” and functionality is key when designing a device for data collection professionals. Continue Reading…

Archer 2 Rugged Handheld

Australian Global Technologies (AGT), a new Juniper Systems partner, is now offering either their Pocket Surveyor or Field Surveyor software, FREE when you buy an Archer 2™ through an AGT reseller. Continue Reading…