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Mesa & environmental injection machine

W&M Environmental Group, Inc. provides environmental services to clients in a variety of industries, including Real Estate Due Diligence, Industrial Environmental Health & Safety, Natural Resources, and Industrial Hygiene/Safety. They’ve also been using the Mesa® Rugged Notepad for their data collection needs, particularly for environmental injection projects. Continue Reading…

Mesa Rugged Notepad for Preventive MaintenanceA recent article in the Turner 2.0 Newsletter describes how the Mesa® Rugged Notepad is being used with Turner Industries’ MobileOps™ software solution for preventive maintenance. According to Turner Industries: “Clients are reporting efficiency gains, drops in unplanned outages, and improved safety, all while building a contractor culture focused on optimum equipment capacity.”

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This week, Juniper Systems got a call from Esri’s Wildland Fire Specialist. He asked if we could lend them a few Mesa® Rugged Notepads to help with disaster management in the Colorado flooding areas. Shortly after speaking with him, we boxed up 10 Mesas and shipped them off to Colorado, and we’ve received several updates that they are being put to good use.

Upon receiving the Mesas, designated officials were first given training on how to properly use and collect data with the rugged handhelds.


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Improve GPS signal accuracy with this app for the Mesa Geo
For those of you who have used GPS out in the field, you know it can be frustratingly difficult to get an accurate GPS signal when you’re working in a challenging environment. Towering trees, looming skyscrapers, and deep canyons can all cause big problems for your GPS signal accuracy. When your GPS shows that you’re hovering in the air, five feet beyond a cliff’s edge, you know something’s not quite right… Continue Reading…

Missouri county officials learn how to use the Mesa for disaster management

Missouri county officials learn how to use the Mesa for a wide variety of needs

A few weeks ago, Adrian Welsh, our Applications Support Engineer, flew out to Pettis County, Missouri to train people there on how to use the Mesa® Rugged Notepad for their wide variety of needs. Amazingly enough, Pettis and the seven other nearby counties that attended the training obtained this fleet of Mesas for free. Yes, FREE. At least free to them, by means of a federal grant intended to assist local officials in Missouri with emergency preparedness and disaster management. Continue Reading…

What is geotagging?

First of all, let’s start out on the right foot here with a brief explanation of geotagging, in case you’re new to the subject.

Geotagging is the act of adding geographical information (in the form of metadata) to some type of media, including photos, videos, websites, etc.

How do people use geotagging?

Geotagged photos are used any time people want to associate an image with a location. For example, say you want to document your vacation to Hawaii. You can geotag your photos and view them on a map of the island that displays exactly where each photo was taken. Or say that you’re big-time into fishing. You can take geotagged photos of each catch to document when and where you had the most success.

An image of the Grand Canyon in Google Earth. Check out all those geotagged photos!

An image of the Grand Canyon in Google Earth. Check out all those geotagged photos!

You’ve probably seen geotagged photos on Google Earth, where individuals can upload their photos for anyone to see. It’s a nifty way to catch a glimpse of places all over the world, or to find some sites you’d like to visit. All you need to geotag your own photos is a camera with access to GPS, which, conveniently, most smart phones have these days. Continue Reading…

Juniper Systems rugged handhelds are used for arctic wildlife monitoring program

US Department of State, 2012 Google, 2012 Map Link/Tele Atlas, Data SIO, NOAA, US Navy, NGA, GEBCO

Have you ever wondered how other people are using their Juniper Systems rugged handheld? I mean, sure, there are the obvious possible uses, such as a coaster for your drink; a wheel chock for your truck; or even a defensive weapon in a dark alley (obviously), but how, you wonder, are people using them for data collection? Our customers use Juniper Systems rugged handhelds for a wide range of different applications. Here is one really unique use of the Mesa® Rugged Notepad. So read on if you’re curious… Continue Reading…