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 “Unrivaled tolerance to a vast range of environmental extremes, the adaptive sensory processing capabilities of the Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet extend from its auxiliary Geode companion to orbital satellites in the furthest reaches of Earth’s biosphere.”



Earlier this year, I resumed my duties as a groundskeeper around the office of a small ecological consulting company in Pennsylvania. Having received my Bachelor of Arts in geography from West Chester University of Pennsylvania, a few decimal degrees of GIS still lingered in my head, so when I was called into the office mid-January to help operate a Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet demo model, I was happy to comply. It seemed like a curious portable device that could definitely take a punch and continue to run without skipping a beat, and I was discovering new and exciting features on a day-to-day basis. Using the property grounds and the surrounding forest, which I had become familiar with in the previous years of work I had done outside, I began to establish a series of waypoint markers to mimic the Flagging Tape used in actual field work data analysis; I then tested different methods of data collection and cross-referencing in order to establish the most efficient and practical means to carry out potential field work applications in the future. I was intrigued by the node-locked copy of Global Mapper™ v18.0, which my boss had purchased from Blue Marble Geographics – Global Mapper was a GIS software company staple, but completely foreign to me (I had settled into Esri’s ArcGIS™ software during my college years). With my experience in GIS and the novelty of a portable touchscreen device capable of running Global Mapper on Windows 10 OS, the Mesa 2 tablet became the perfect catalyst to boost my familiarity with the software. My comfort in performing GIS analysis through the Juniper Systems interface grew exponentially compared to that of my experiences using ArcMap on a desktop computer, and it wasn’t long before I was certain that the Mesa 2 would become an exceptional company asset. Specifically, it seemed that it would be invaluable in determining the relative accuracy of spatial datasets provided by external sources, in real-time, to account for the margin of error and establish new parameters that would better represent our firsthand data observations.

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Last year our Juniper Systems team was determined to make significant improvements to the rugged and affordable Cedar product line. By maintaining all business processes within the walls of our Logan, UT office, I was able to work personally with a newly-assembled product team devoted to the sourcing, sales, purchasing, testing, and support of these new Cedar products. With this team, our results for these products completely exceeded our expectations.

In the early stages of outlining potential product features, I researched several success-related factors including, outdoor display visibility, quality and size, battery life, durability and ruggedness, design, Android OS capabilities, and component quality, to ensure an unbeatable product. This research included the ability to integrate most relevant US cell brands, verify satellite connectivity, test 4G LTE speeds, and successfully pass FCC and CE certifications, and the results did not disappoint.


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Thanksgiving Closure

Katelyn Heiner —  November 26, 2014 — Leave a comment

blingin' turkey
Juniper Systems, Inc. will be closed this Thursday and Friday (Nov. 27 – 28) due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Our UK office, Juniper Systems, Ltd. will remain open during this time, so if you have an urgent need, please feel free to contact them.

Juniper Systems Ltd.:

1st Floor, 4 The Courtyard
Buntsford Gate, Bromsgrove
B60 3DJ, UK
+44  (0) 1527 870773

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Archer Nano DOS

Logan, UT – April 1, 2014 — Juniper Systems has announced the availability of its much anticipated new rugged handheld, the Archer Nano DOS™. With radical improvements over the first generation Archer™, the Archer Nano DOS promises better overall performance with an astonishingly bright two-line green display, a solar-powered battery panel, enhanced GPS capabilities, and rugged IP68 construction. Continue Reading…

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