How to use Mobile Connect on a Windows Mobile handheld

Connecting your mobile devices on a Windows Mobile handheld
Mobile Connect on Windows Mobile

Mobile Connect by Juniper Systems allows Windows Mobile handheld users to transfer files through USB from a handheld device to PC without using Windows Mobile Device Center.

Microsoft support for the Windows Mobile operating system ended in 2010, and each Windows 10 update made USB file transfers using Windows Mobile Device Center more improbable. Juniper Systems launched Mobile Connect in October to support its Windows Mobile users for years to come.

Mobile Connect fixes Windows Mobile Device Center files transfers

Juniper Systems’ applications support engineers created step-by-step guides to help you install, register, and use Mobile Connect. This post aggregates some of that information to help you utilize Mobile Connect, a permanent file-transfer solution for Windows Mobile users, on a Windows Mobile handheld. You can learn more about Mobile Connect here or purchase it here.

How to install Mobile Connect


  1. Copy the Mobile Connect.CAB file to the device. You can use a USB flash drive, SD card, or any other available method.
  2. On the Windows Mobile device, use File Explorer to browse to the location of the Mobile Connect.CAB file, and tap the Mobile Connect.CAB file to run the installation.
  3. When the installation completes, you should restart the device. If the program prompts you to restart the device, choose Yes to restart, and allow the device to reboot.


  1. Run Mobile Connect.ShortcutInstaller.exe on the PC and follow the installation prompts.
  2. Use File Explorer to find Mobile Device under This PC.
  3. If you didn’t use the Shortcut installer, type into File Explorer and select Enter.

How to register Mobile Connect

The first time you run Mobile Connect, select Activate Demo (7 Days). This unlocks a free seven-day trial period of Mobile Connect. Once you’re ready to fully activate Mobile Connect, input your unique 16-digit activation code and click Activate.

Activation codes are available through contact with a Juniper Systems sales account manager. Each code requires a proof of purchase.

Don’t forget: Document your unique registration code

The current iteration of Mobile Connect displays your unique registration code only after the first time you run Mobile Connect and after the end of your seven-day trial period. Document your registration code when it’s displayed. The registration code is required to receive an activation code from a Juniper Systems sales account manager.

In an upcoming update, the registration code will be displayed on the About section of Mobile Connect. But in the meantime, document your registration code to later activate Mobile Connect.

How to run Mobile Connect

After installation and a device reset, Mobile Connect launches automatically and runs quietly in the background. Running Mobile Connect manually is easy, too. Select Start and then launch the Mobile Connect application. An IP address will appear in Mobile Connect when a cable is attached. However, some devices may require a settings change to verify the USB transfer method.

On the device in the Start menu, select Settings, Connections, and USB-to-PC. Next, Select USB Ethernet, then tap OK, and connect a cable. Mobile Connect should now display an IP address. If it still doesn’t, disconnect the USB, exit Mobile Connect, and then connect the USB and relaunch Mobile Connect.

How to transfer files using Mobile Connect

You can easily transfer files through USB with Mobile Connect. On PC, you simply drag and drop files into Mobile Device under This PC located in File Explorer.

How to use Mobile Connect with an Ethernet connection

Non-Juniper Systems devices utilizing Mobile Connect may require an Ethernet connection to transfer files between a USB port on a handheld device and PC. If your device requires an Ethernet connection, connect the Ethernet cable to a PC. A PC and handheld without an Ethernet port require a USB-to-Ethernet adapter to function. Connect the Ethernet cable between the two adapters to transfer files using Mobile Connect.


How to use other FTP client software with Mobile Connect

You may use an FTP, or file transfer protocol, client software on a PC to connect to a handheld with Mobile Connect. This login allows for the connection:

User: anonymous

Password: (leave blank)

Juniper Systems’ rugged lineup of mobile computers, tablets

Juniper Systems builds long-lasting rugged products that utilize the Windows Mobile operating system.

These products are still used today around the world in harsh work environments – that’s why Juniper Systems developed Mobile Connect to support its customers long term. Check out Juniper Systems’ current lineup of rugged mobile computers, tablets.

  • The Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet, which runs Windows 10 or Android, boasts an ultra-bright 7-inch display, visible even in direct sunlight. The Mesa 3 is fed by an all-day battery for unmatched data collection and computation in the world’s toughest environments.
Mesa Rugged Tablet in the extreme heat of the desert, with a bright and readable display.
The Mesa Rugged Tablet
  • The Allegro 3 Rugged Handheld, a Windows Mobile device, makes data-intensive jobs way less intensive. The Allegro 2 is comfortable, powerful, and just as tough as the job.
Allegro 3 Rugged Mobile Computer being used in the extreme heat of the forest.

The Archer 3 Rugged Handheld, a Windows Mobile device, comfortably fits a full keyboard and high-visibility touchscreen display in a hand. The Archer 2 is fast, bright, and built for long workdays.

Archer Rugged Mobile Device being used
Archer 3 Rugged Mobile Device

Contact us here to purchase Mobile Connect or learn more about Juniper Systems lineup of rugged mobile computers, tablets, and GNSS receivers. Visit Juniper Systems online.


  1. Mr. Wright.

    Do i can use this software instead of WMDC on an Archer1? I tried to install but the software want to have NET framework 4.0. It seems not possible to get 4.0 for Pocket PC…
    If not what other possebilities we have to solve this persistent annoying connecting problem with WMDC?

    Best Regards

  2. Hi Team,

    It is good to find this alternative tool that can replace WMDC.

    I did tests to install it in non Juniper device, but i got errors during installation.
    Once i tap Mobile Connect.CAB, i’m facing this error message.

    “The file “\storage card\Mobile-connect-pkg (1)\” is not a valid windows embedded compact setup file.”.

    I tried to install it in Zebra MC92N0.

    Can you please help me to fix the issue so i can continue the testing?


  3. Hi, will Mobile Connect enable my Windows Mobile device to connect to a web service hosted on a machine on Windows 10? Previous deployments of our devices were used the WMDC provided TCP/IP stack to allow web service connectivity. WMDC configuration on Windows 10 is tenuous at best… Will Mobile Connect ease my pain in that regard? My transfers are via a web service., I do not do file-based transfers.


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    My connection is a USB connection.
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