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Allegro 2 Rugged HandheldWe’re happy to announce that the new Allegro 2™ rugged handheld is now shipping!

Designed for the data-intensive, the Allegro 2 is teeming with new technology to make your data collection easier, faster, and more precise than ever before. Here are a few of the new updates you’ll see:

FASTER, MORE PRECISE DATA COLLECTION – Full QWERTY & numeric keyboard with large, tactile buttons

SUPERIOR DISPLAY VIEWABILITY – Sun-to-Shade™ high-visibility display for any sunlight conditions

LESS DOWN TIME – Overtime Technology™ battery provides an outstanding 20+ hours of power

UNWAVERING CONNECTIVITY – Extended Bluetooth® range, Wi-Fi®, & best-in-class GNSS performance

ULTIMATE DATA PROTECTION – IP68 waterproof & dustproof, designed to MIL-STD-810G

Learn more about the Allegro 2 here, or beat the rush and order the Allegro 2 today!

H2 High Capacity GrainGage

Meet HarvestMaster’s newest harvest data system for agricultural research, the H2 High-Capacity GrainGage™! Designed especially for collecting highly accurate data on large-plot, high-volume grain samples like corn or soybeans, the H2 implements new, advanced technology to significantly improve data accuracy and efficiency, while cutting down on maintenance. It’s also available in both Single and Twin Plot models. Continue Reading…

Thanksgiving Closure

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blingin' turkey
Juniper Systems, Inc. will be closed this Thursday and Friday (Nov. 27 – 28) due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Our UK office, Juniper Systems, Ltd. will remain open during this time, so if you have an urgent need, please feel free to contact them.

Juniper Systems Ltd.:

1st Floor, 4 The Courtyard
Buntsford Gate, Bromsgrove
B60 3DJ, UK
+44  (0) 1527 870773

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

American Innovations logo

American Innovations (AI), a partner of Juniper Systems, is holding a webinar tomorrow, Nov. 19th, at 11 am Central Time on “Working with Allegro Survey Files.” They’ll be focusing on how to send and receive facility surveys between your Allegro Field Data PC™ and AI’s Pipeline Compliance System (PCS™) software. Continue Reading…

Ken testing Archer 2's GNSS accuracy Ken Lucas, an engineer technician with the Nevada Division of Water Resources, recently tested the Archer 2™’s GNSS accuracy—with both GPS & GLONASS receivers enabled—when used with OnPOZ EZTag CE™ mobile software from Juniper partner, Effigis. Typically, the Archer 2 experiences 2-5 meter GNSS accuracy, but when used with OnPoZ EZSurv® Post-Processing Software, accuracy is improved to sub-meter (meaning that the results should have a margin of error of less than one meter). Continue Reading…

To Dock or Not to Dock

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Allegro 2 in handheld dockWe’re happy to announce that our long-anticipated A2 Single Ethernet Dock is now available. We designed and built this dock in response to customer requests, as a convenient means of charging a handheld, as well as syncing data with a PC or a network. The dock comes with an adapter that will allow it to work with either Archer 2™ or Allegro 2™ handhelds. Continue Reading…