How the Allegro 2 Saved Christmas

Happy Holidays

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and Santa sat with a frown.
His sleigh GPS had broken, he wouldn’t know up from down.

As he sat worrying what to do, in a slump, as it were,
his chief elf burst in, and yelled “I have the answer!

You need a device you can trust, something tried and true.
How about Juniper Systems’ new handheld, the Allegro 2!

It just started shipping, it will guide you and your steeds
around the world and back, it’s just what you need!”

Santa thought for a moment, then asked, “What about the cold?”
The elf said, “No problem! It works down to -22 F, I’m told.”

Santa nodded, then questioned: “What about the long night?
I need battery power that will last through the journey alright.”

“No problem there either,” the elf said, filled with glee.
“It runs over 20 hours, using Overtime Technology™.

Its GPS is excellent, you’ll find it’s first-class,
and I’m sure you’ll appreciate its use of GLONASS.

You can type super fast, on its new QWERTY keys,
you’ll keep track of the Naughty and Nice lists with ease.

It’s rated IP68, you’ll find it’s rugged and tough—”
then Santa said, “Let’s do it! I’ve heard more than enough.”

So he took the Allegro 2 on the journey with him.
It guided him to every kid’s house, without a problem.

And so the Allegro 2 saved Christmas that night
and Santa became a Juniper customer for life!

This poem may be silly, but this much is true:
we wish you a very Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year too!

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