Archer 2 and Archer: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Archer and Archer 2 Comparison

We’ve had several customers ask us what the difference is between the Archer 2 and the original Archer Field PC. There are a vast number of differences between the two, and you can always check out their specifications here:

Archer 2 specs

Archer Field PC specs

Or, you can just keep reading and I’ll break out the major differences for you. I’ll soon get to the specific details, but in a nutshell, here’s what you need to know about the two handhelds:

The Archer 2:

  • Runs faster (with a processor that’s twice as fast as the Archer’s)
  • Has more memory (RAM)
  • Has more internal storage
  • Has a larger screen size, with higher resolution
  • Has a significantly better display, for greater brightness and clarity
  • Has a capacitive touchscreen (easier to use, more rugged), rather than a resistive touchscreen
  • Has a much longer battery life, especially in cold temperatures
  • Is IP68 rated for water and dust, whereas the Archer Field PC is rated IP67
  • Has an audio jack
  • Has faster, longer-range integrated Bluetooth®
  • Has faster, integrated Wi-Fi®
  • Has a 3G cell modem model
  • Has an integrated barcode scanner model
  • Has an integrated camera with LED illuminator and video
  • Has an integrated GPS model with broader, more reliable GNSS reception
  • Has a full numeric keypad
  • Has quick-charge capability (can get ~70% battery life in ~45 minutes charge time)
  • Has a full-size USB host, rather than a mini
Archer 2 and Archer Comparison
With all the added features and functionality, the Archer 2 isn’t much larger than the Archer Field PC, and is every bit as ergonomic.

Now here are the differences above listed in greater detail:

Comparison table

If the above details are any indication, the Archer 2 truly is quite different from the Archer, and head and shoulders above any other competitor device out there in many respects.

Do you have any other questions about the new Archer 2? Ask away in the comments below, or contact Juniper Systems for more information.


  1. Any chance it will also be offered with a “PDA style” keypad like the original?
    I actually prefer that. Thanks!

  2. Tim Campbell says:

    Has the 5V power output on the RS232 port changed between the Archer and the Archer 2?

    We have a current meter interface that uses power from the RS232 port.


    • Hi Tim,

      Yes the 5V power output on the Archer 2’s 9 Pin serial (RS232) port has changed to follow more of the industry’s standard. The Archer 2 can supply 5V and up to 500 mA on Pin 9 (the “ring in” pin), which is different than the 1st generation Archer that uses the pin 4 DTR line. The Archer 2’s 5V serial power is software controlled and can be toggled “ON” via a simple system registry control. There are several system registry editors out there that you can use. Please contact our service and support team for further information on how to do this or see our support site for more information. Thanks.

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