Archer 2 Touchscreen Testing

We’re always working to improve our products through testing, testing, testing. While we’re confident that the Archer 2 has the best capacitive touchscreen in the rugged handheld industry, we’re constantly tweaking, fine-tuning, and making adjustments so that it performs optimally for users.

Here, we’re using a robot to test different capacitive styluses to help us select the best one for the job. We’re testing both the wear-ability as well as the accuracy of several styluses. We use this robot to test a lot of other things on the Archer 2’s touchscreen as well, including:

  • Various software & firmware
  • The quality of vendor parts
  • How the touchscreen responds in different scenarios

We test the touchscreen’s performance in different scenarios in order to develop what we call “profiles” for our users. Basically, these profiles describe certain use cases, like whether they’re using a stylus or their finger, whether they prefer to tap lightly on the touchscreen or more firmly, whether the outside temperature is hot or cold, etc.

hot or coldFor example, one user may collect data during winter in Alaska, and they wear gloves while they work, so they use a stylus, rather than their finger. The profiles we’re developing allow this user to specify that they’re working in cold temperatures and using a stylus. The touchscreen will then adjust for those conditions in order to provide the best performance possible. We also plan to further expand these profiles to accommodate for more use cases, such as when the Archer 2 is used in rainy vs. dry conditions. We hope to provide the best touchscreen performance possible by providing these customized settings—or profiles—for our users.

Learn more about the Archer 2 on our website or by calling us at 435.753.1881.

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