Archer 4: What to Expect

The Archer™ 4 Rugged Handheld is the ultimate device for single-handed data entry. Its longevity, compatibility, and ruggedness combine to offer users a reliable data-entry solution. Here is a sneak peek of the handheld’s best features:

Long-term Data Collector

The Archer 4 is a rugged Android™ handheld that can be updated up to Android 18 so users won’t miss out on valuable security and OS feature updates. This ensures users stay current with the latest software advancements for their projects, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity. With the Archer 4, users can confidently collect data in the field, knowing that they have an up-to-date tool equipped to handle the demands of the job. The Archer 4 also promotes product longevity with an efficient processor that reduces battery drain.

Compatibility and Connectivity

Archer 4 has improved compatibility with Google, providing users with a reliable platform for running popular data collection software. This offers seamless access to convenient tools for an easy data collection experience. And the Archer 4 is a versatile communication device that allows you to stay connected to your network, the Cloud, or other devices. The processor chipset on every unit supports 5G cellular voice and data connectivity, Wi-Fi 6 compatibility, Class 1 Bluetooth 5.2 functionality, and dual-band GNSS location data. Other customizations include your choice of battery size depending on the demands of the job, an optional barcode scanner, and a sub-meter, RTK-capable GNSS expansion pod.

Archer 3Archer 4
Operating SystemOpen Source Android 7.1GMS Android 14 (upgradeable to Android 18)
Google CompatibilityLimitedFull
Memory/Storage2 GB/16 GB8 GB/128 GB
CellNoStandard 5G with 4G LTE fallback
Display Size4.3 inches6.3 inches


To meet the needs of any job, the capabilities of the Archer 4 can be enhanced with either our modular barcode scanner or sub-meter GNSS expansion pods. When equipped with the barcode reader the Archer 4 becomes a compact and rugged tool for asset tracking in any environment. The GNSS pod adds expanded GNSS functionality to the Archer 4 and creates an all-in-one mapping device.

Archer 4 Photo Gallery

Juniper Rugged

The IP68 rating ensures your device is safe from all outdoor elements including water, dust, sand, and debris. And the device meets MIL-STD-810H testing standards which include withstanding extreme hot and cold temperatures, shock, and vibrations. Rest assured the elements won’t stop a productive workday with the Archer 4. Whether you find yourself navigating through rainy weather, dusty environments, or accidental dunks, the Archer 4 is a portable data collection device with the highest protection to remain fully operational.

Designed to work. Built to last. Reach out to our team to pre-order the Archer today: 435-753-1881.

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