Behind-the-Scenes Look – Archer 2 Torture Video

Busted flourGet ready for tomorrow, when we’ll post our newest handheld torture video, starring the Archer 2! In the video, we take a close-up look at the Archer 2 as it undergoes some seriously rugged tests. We went in a bit more of an… unconventional direction with this video, hoping to spice things up a bit, while still demonstrating the extreme ruggedness and awesome features of the Archer 2.

Here are a few scenes that you’ll see in the video.

Louisville-Slugger Flour Bust

That’s right. We duct-taped the Archer 2 to a baseball bat and took a swing at a 10-lb bag of flour. Archer 2 rugged video Archer 2 rugged video

As for cleanup, we hadn’t thought through that far. I think there’s still a white smudge out there in the parking lot, a subtle reminder that the Archer 2’s IP68 rating for dust has indeed been put to the test, and passed with flying colors.Busted flour

Nasty Swamp Drop

Everyone’s seen the rugged handheld water photos before. That perfect crystalline water that looks like it stems from the same source as Aquafina®, like this one?Mesa Water

Clear, beautiful water is great for a product photo. But in the Archer 2 video, we wanted to show…perhaps the more extreme side of things. This swamp was just a quick walk down the road from Juniper Systems. Yuck! Swamp drop

Dirt Toss

The Archer 2 was designed to be shockproof from 5 feet up. So we thought we’d capture a little dirt spray action as we chucked it at the ground.Dirt toss

Not Your Average Bucket-of-Bolts Touchscreen

The Archer 2’s capacitive touchscreen is extremely responsive, but also amazingly tough and scratch-resistant. What better way to demonstrate this than to dump several pounds of bolts and other assorted hardware on it?Dropping bolts

The only thing I didn’t like about this shoot was the cleanup. It made “52-Card Pickup” look like child’s play.Bolts

Shattering of the Mirrors

Okay, probably not a typical rugged environment, unless you work in the “House of Mirrors” at a funhouse. However, it was a visually interesting way of demonstrating the Archer 2’s ruggedness—we dropped it from about 7 feet high! You’ll see we had to use a plumb bob to center the Archer 2 over the mirror when we dropped it.Plumb bob Mirror Mirror shatter

Karate-Kicked Keyboard

O’Ryan, our Product Support Manager at Juniper Systems, just so happens to have a black belt in karate. We were sure we could take advantage of that tidbit of information in the Archer 2 video.

We taped the Archer 2 onto O’Ryan’s foot, and filmed as he did a spinning-back-kick-something-or-other into a computer keyboard.Karate Duct tape to footKarate keyboard

Why a keyboard you ask? Because the Archer 2 sports a super-durable, rapid-entry numeric keyboard. Hey, no one ever said it had to make sense. The bottom line is that the Archer 2 has an awesome numeric keyboard that will speed up your data collection, and it’s tough enough to be karate-kicked…through a keyboard. Er, nevermind.

Intrigued yet? Then be excited for tomorrow, when we’ll post the new Archer 2 rugged video, where you’ll see these and other extreme rugged scenarios, the likes of which you’ve never seen before!


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