Try Cedar Android Handhelds with TerraGo Edge

Cedar CT7 TabletJuniper Systems recently joined up with TerraGo®, provider of geospatial collaboration and enterprise mobility software, to combine our Android®-operated Cedar rugged handhelds with TerraGo Edge, a mobile GPS collaboration platform.

TerraGo Edge allows users stationed in multiple locations to collect GPS field data on a mobile device and then sync their data, along with their GPS location, to headquarters in real time. TerraGo shows how TerraGo Edge can be used in the video below:

Juniper Systems’ Cedar rugged handhelds provide an ideal hardware component for TerraGo’s geospatial solution. Not only are they an inexpensive option, but they also run on Android, giving users access to thousands of business-ready apps via the Google Play Store. Cedar handhelds also provide protection against everyday hazards like dust, water, and impact, and help improve productivity with long battery life and bright displays for outdoor use.

We’re excited to be able to offer this geospatial solution in conjunction with TerraGo. Contact us to learn more about how TerraGo Edge on Cedar handhelds can help improve your data collection processes.

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