How to clean your rugged mobile devices

Sharing devices and staying safe

Field work doesn’t always lend itself to a clean working environment or clean devices, that’s why taking a moment to clean off devices is so important. Whether field devices are shared among co-workers or used by the same person daily, it’s always important to take time for cleaning to keep you and your co-workers safe.

With the growing concern of sharing germs and passing illness to those around us, we wanted to share some best practices for cleaning Juniper Systems’ rugged handheld devices. Cold or flu germs can live on hard surfaces, like plastic and glass, for several hours.

Germs that cause COVID-19 have been observed living for as little as a couple of hours and up to a few days on these same surfaces, according to the World Health Organization. For additional cleaning guidelines and suggestions we recommend visiting the EPA’s website.

What should be used to clean mobile devices?

With some precautions and basic cleaning supplies, these germs can be eliminated and devices can remain safe to use one user to the next.

Juniper Systems recommends using either Clorox disinfecting wipe or Lysol® spray to clean Juniper devices. The main active chemical found in these products, Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride, kills germs, viruses, bacteria, and sanitizes the device. If using a spray, it is best to apply the spray to a microfiber cloth or paper towel. With a cloth or paper towel, users can be more deliberate in where they are wiping the device rather than just spraying it.

Once a device is wiped down, it is advised to use a damp cloth to wipe off excess cleaner so they do not rest on the device and so it does not cause irritation to the hand. Removing excess cleaner from the device is important. Using a damp cloth removes lingering chemicals that over time could degrade a devices enclosure. After cleaning any device, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly.

Juniper Systems devices are built rugged and many carry an IP68 rating meaning that they are waterproof. It is possible to wash off devices with running water if a device is particularly dirty.

These are just a few suggestions for keeping users safe and devices clean of any potentially harmful germs.

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