What to expect from the All-New Mesa® 4 Rugged Tablet

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Juniper Systems is excited to announce the new Mesa® 4 Rugged Tablet is coming soon. Running on Windows 11, the Mesa 4 offers powerful new functionality while retaining impressive features from the Mesa® 3 Rugged Tablet. It contains the latest Intel® N200 processor capable of running even the most demanding data collection software. And its rugged ergonomic design lends to its sturdiness in the toughest conditions. The Mesa 4 Rugged Tablet shapes the capabilities of modern mobile devices. Here is a sneak peek of the tablet’s best features: 

Expanded Performance for an All-in-One Device

The Mesa 4 contains CPU performance up to three times faster than its predecessor, the Mesa 3. Multitasking is just a few clicks away with this snappy and efficient processor. Featuring an Intel N200 with a 3.7 GHz burst processor speed and up to 16 GB of RAM, Mesa 4 truly takes your office computer and puts it in your hands. It creates the ability to seamlessly execute tasks, process demanding applications, and minimize energy consumption to preserve battery life. 

The shift to implement an NVMe PCIe SSD for data storage brings performance gains up to six times the read and write speeds of the flash storage in the Mesa 3, creating the ability to launch programs quickly, save large data sets in seconds, and allow for quick boot times. The Mesa 4 has NVMe SSD options of 128 GB and 256 GB.  

 Mesa 4Mesa 3
Screen Size7-Inches7-Inches
Operating SystemWindows 11 ProWindows 10
ProcessorIntel® N200 processorQuad-core Intel® Pentium® N4200 processor
Memory8 GB LPDDR5 or 16 GB LPDDR58 GB LPDDR4
Storage128 or 256 GB NVMe PCIe SSD128 GB or 256 GB

Improved Connectivity

The Mesa 4 is equipped with a diverse array of ports and wireless technology including USB-C, USB-A, Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth®. The Mesa 4 USB-C port is capable of data transfer, and charging the device, and allows for the use of many USB-C docks and dongles with office setups. These high-quality connection features allow for easy data sharing across devices. They also allow uninterrupted access to all your information and the transfer of files with ease. Mesa 4 also continues to offer an optional RS-232 9-Pin connector as well. 

Increased Cellular Speed

The Mesa 4 provides a fast and responsive mobile experience, with cellular speeds up to three times faster than that of the Mesa 3. The CAT 12 modem allows for faster data transfer, upload and download speeds, and the seamless backing up of files. The heightened cellular speed allows for easy real-time communication via chat and video calls. Improve efficiency with everyday mobile tasks with the new Mesa 4 Rugged Tablet. 

Mesa 4 Photo Gallery

We are excited to share more about the Mesa 4 in the coming days and weeks.

Get ready to experience Juniper Rugged. 

Juniper Systems is a leading manufacturer of ultra-rugged tablets, handheld computers, GPS receivers, GIS mapping software, and field computing solutions. We offer easy-to-use mapping tools, including the Mesa® Rugged TabletsGeode™ GNSS Receiver, and our Uinta™ Mapping Software. Professionals utilize Juniper Systems’ innovative mobile computers in natural resources, utilities and public services, geospatial, agriculture, industrial, and military markets. Visit our website to see how Juniper Systems’ rugged solutions meet all your rugged computing needs.

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