Customer Satisfaction Surveys and What They Mean to Us

Futura Systems pole stakingEvery quarter, Juniper Systems conducts customer satisfaction surveys to gauge how we’re doing and identify areas where we can improve. In conjunction with speaking daily with customers, beta testing with partners, and evaluating user feedback, our customer satisfaction surveys help us to better identify customer needs. And customer needs are what drive our product design as well as our company processes.

A few examples of conscious design decisions we’ve made based on customer feedback include:

  • Retaining the physical keyboard on our more data-intensive Allegro Rugged Handheld™ line, due to the fact that users can enter data much faster and more accurately with it.Allegro 2 keyboard
  • Began including a port cover on our handhelds due to customer requests (even though our handhelds don’t need it to maintain their seal against dust and water)Allegro 2 Ports 2
  • Developed a new on-screen keyboard for the Mesa Rugged Notepad™, because customers reported that the Windows-provided keyboard was too small.Mega Keys
  • Integrated an extra long-lasting battery into the Archer 2 and Allegro 2 at the request of customers.Long battery life rugged handheld
  • You can read more examples here.

Our most recent customer satisfaction survey was both helpful and encouraging. While we highly appreciate constructive feedback on ways we can improve, sometimes it does feel pretty good to read about the things we’re doing right! 😉 Here are a few of our favorite comments from our most recent customer survey:

“The accuracy in tree canopy blew a few other competitor units out of the water. Those tested were nearly twice the cost of the Juniper unit(s) tested. It was, at that point, no contest.”

“No issues whatsoever. Period. Great staff.”

“The service staff and support are super. Recently we needed a battery and charger. I called in the afternoon. They got it to us at a remote location the next morning.”

“Best system for the price.”

“Operating temperature range was critical. While service and support didn’t influence the original decision, they’re now important reasons for us to maintain the relationship.”

“Sales and customer service were very helpful.”

“Always responsive and helpful.”

“They are there to answer questions and help us if we need something regardless of where we are.”

“We’ve been very happy with our experience with Juniper Systems. Our past solution just wasn’t cutting it for us in data collection in dense southeastern U.S. tree canopy. The Effigis software and intuitive input interface has proven to be very easy to use and manipulate into a workflow that we are very pleased with.”

Do you have feedback to give us? Feel free to contact us here and let us know!

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  1. That is smart to conduct customer satisfaction surveys to see how your customers felt about your product. That is awesome that you felt the surveys were encouraging and very helpful. I think surveys are a great way to see how you can make your product and service even better.

  2. Customers are the biggest assets of any organisation, knowing their requirements and issues is very important, and these types of surveys surely helps.

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