Even Rugged Handhelds Get a Flat Tire Sometimes

Servicing handhelds

Okay, maybe rugged handhelds don’t literally get a flat tire… not even every once in a while. But figuratively speaking, they sometimes do. Think of your rugged handheld like a car. You buy a new car, and you expect it to last a long time, right? You might even buy a top-of-the-line luxury car because you believe in quality. 

Let’s say you drive that car every day. Maybe even several hours a day. Would you expect your car to never get a flat tire? Never need new brake pads? Never be susceptible to a broken windshield or an air conditioning breakdown? Of course not! Because you know that, although your high-end car is made of the highest-quality materials with excellent craftsmanship, it’s bound to wear a bit over time— it’s still subject to breakdowns and accidents. So in order to keep your beautiful car in working order for as long as possible, you need to have it repaired periodically.

Allegro burnt
This Allegro CX survived a combine fire at the University of Missouri! All data was recovered, and amazingly, the handheld still works today!

Maximizing Your Investment

Rugged handhelds are the same. Because while we build our handhelds with only the best materials to withstand heavy use in harsh environments, quite frankly, they are still subject to wear and tear and accidental damage. It’s not a question of quality. In cases of part failure, the question becomes, “How fast can I get my handheld repaired, and for how much?”



You Asked, We Responded

Juniper Systems' Service Team

Our customers recognize the benefits of speedy, affordable handheld repairs, especially those maintaining fleets or large quantities of handhelds, and they began requesting an affordable and convenient service plan for their handhelds. In response to this, we have recently developed two types of Complete Care service plans—Gold and Platinum. On top of what the Standard Warranty covers, here is what they provide:

Complete Care Benefits:


  • Normal wear & tear coverage
  • Significantly shorter repair turn time (3 days)
  • Expedited 2-day return shipping
  • Free data recovery, when possible, in case of catastrophe
  • Discount on any repair parts not covered under plan

Platinum – everything in Gold plan, plus:

  • Accidental damage coverage
  • Loaner unit option while your handheld is being serviced
  • 1-day repair turn time
  • Expedited 1-day return shipping
  • Greater discount on repair parts not covered under plan
  • Free premium screen protector package
  • Dedicated service account manager
Complete Care Brochure
Click here to download the Complete Care brochure.

Our Complete Care plans are meant to provide you with those “flat tire” repairs and the “brake pad replacements” that handhelds sometimes need over time. And if you go with the Platinum plan, we’ll fix your handheld up even when it was damaged by accident (think collision repair for your car—or the chicken-fried Allegro shown above). Plus, our plans make it fast and painless at an affordable price, so you can have your handheld back in no time.

To see all the benefits that our Complete Care plans offer, download the brochure or contact Juniper Systems to learn more.

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