Extend the Life of Juniper Systems Products with a CompleteCare Service Plan


“Great team from sales to service! All very helpful, quick to respond, and knowledgeable. We work with other vendors as well, but Juniper always has gone over and beyond to assist us and our customers.”

-Shannon Taylor, MicroSurvey

This heroic Allegro™ was caught in a combine fire, and was forever after fondly referred to as “the chicken-fried Allegro” by those at Juniper Systems. Amazingly, the data was recovered in full from the handheld.

At Juniper Systems, we take pride in the care we are able to provide to our customers. As a company that functions almost entirely under one roof, we have the ability to provide customers with immediate support, no matter the question or problem. Our CompleteCare packages take that customer service one step further. In addition to our Standard Warranty, protecting your devices against manufacturer defects, CompleteCare offers additional service plan benefits and value to those wanting to maintain and protect their investment more fully.

To start off, Juniper Systems offers two plans in addition to the Standard Warranty: Gold and Platinum. Our Gold plan enhances the benefits of the Standard Warranty, while the Platinum Plan takes the Gold Plan one step further with added benefits including no-cost repair/replacement on accidentally damaged devices and shorter turnover times. Of course, our ultra-rugged devices go through rigorous testing to ensure they will make it through almost any situation you put them in, but even the most rugged products have their Kryptonite, and we want to ensure your devices are always top-notch while you work. Below is brief outline of benefits included in our Gold and Platinum Service Plans. Any additional questions about these plans can be answered by a member of our experienced sales team.

Good as gold.

The Gold Service Plan takes your Standard Warranty to the next level with more coverage at an economical price. With the benefits included in this plan, it is almost guaranteed to reduce the total cost of ownership, increase productivity, decrease downtime, and offer several additional benefits. With this plan, normal wear and tear, including TS, keyboard, and the connector module, is all covered with access to free data recovery. You’ll receive a volume discount of 25% on parts not covered by the plan. And lastly, the ultimate perk of decreased downtime. You’ll be guaranteed a three-day turnaround time with expedited shipping for units needing repair. It really is good as gold.

Not just a musician’s dream.

When we say platinum, we mean it. With the purchase of this plan, you become a first-priority customer. This fully comprehensive coverage offers unprecedented value and protection for absolutely any accident that may occur—you wouldn’t believe the freak accidents we’ve seen. The Platinum Service Plan outshines the Gold on a couple levels, while including added benefits. Wear and tear, part discounts, and data recovery are all included, but with Platinum, you’re upgraded to no-cost device repair/replacement, one-day repair time with one-day shipping, and the option of receiving a loaner unit while we work on the needed repairs. Exclusive to this plan is a premium screen protector package and a dedicated service account manager ready to assist you with the click of a button.

Feel free to reach out to a member of our sales team with any questions you may have at 435-753-1881 or sales@junipersys.com.

See CompleteCare terms and conditions below for details.



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