Free App to Improve GPS Signal Accuracy

Improve GPS signal accuracy with this app for the Mesa Geo
For those of you who have used GPS out in the field, you know it can be frustratingly difficult to get an accurate GPS signal when you’re working in a challenging environment. Towering trees, looming skyscrapers, and deep canyons can all cause big problems for your GPS signal accuracy. When your GPS shows that you’re hovering in the air, five feet beyond a cliff’s edge, you know something’s not quite right…

This is why we offer a free GNSS application for the Mesa® Rugged Notepad Geo model which can improve your GPS signal accuracy with a simple change of settings. All you need to do to significantly improve your GPS signal accuracy is change the GPS configuration settings within the GNSS app to match your use and environment. Follow the simple instructions in this document to learn which configuration settings are best for your individual use of the Mesa Geo.Improve GPS signal accuracy on your Mesa Geo

There are several settings within the app that optimize GPS signal performance for when you are stationary, walking, driving, or at sea. You will also learn about Static Hold mode, which can be enabled to improve GPS signal accuracy further. If you have a Mesa Geo model and want to optimize your GPS signal accuracy, download the free GNSS app now, and follow the instructions in the above document.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below, or contact Juniper Systems, and we’ll be happy to help.

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