Frequently asked questions about the Mesa Pro® Rugged Tablet

The Mesa Pro® Rugged Tablet was released in November of 2022. This rugged tablet offers a larger screen for those in the field who need a device with high durability and visibility. In this article, we will discuss the seven most frequently asked questions about the Mesa Pro.

Does Mesa Pro replace the Mesa 3?

The Mesa Pro does not replace the Mesa 3. The Mesa Pro was created as an additional part of the Mesa product line. Rather than replace the Mesa 3, the Mesa Pro adds an additional option for anyone in the market for a rugged tablet. The Mesa Pro is the only device in the Mesa family with a larger 10-inch display.

What are the benefits of a larger screen?

With a resolution of 1920×1200, the Mesa Pro is perfect for those needing a larger device. The size and resolution allow more to be displayed on the screen, whether that is data collection software, multiple windows, detailed plans, or high-resolution maps. Equipped with the same operating system as any PC laptop or computer, users can easily replace their laptop with the Mesa Pro as a complete computer in a compact, rugged form. The larger screen allows users to have their office in their hands even when in the field.

The larger tablet also incorporates a sunlight-readable display, designed to be used outdoors during all hours of the day.

Can I customize the Mesa Pro to fit my needs?

The Mesa Pro can be customized to fit the needs of any user. Juniper System offers both internal and external customization options.

In terms of internal customizations, Juniper Systems can work with companies to integrate additional technology into the Mesa Pro. Things like antennas, radios, RFID, barcode readers, and other electronics can all be incorporated into the Mesa Pro, providing users with a complete solution. Working with our team at Juniper Systems, companies can be sure they are creating a device that will fit their customer’s needs.

In terms of external customization, The Mesa Pro can also be customized to include company branding and unique hardware integration. It allows companies that want branded devices to add company logos and colors to their devices.

What processors are available for the Mesa Pro?

Even the processor used to run the Mesa Pro is customizable. The Mesa Pro can come equipped in a range of configurations upon purchase to offer different performance tiers. Customers have the option to select between the 11th Generation Intel Core i5 processor, an 11th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, and a Celeron processor.

What accessories can be used with Mesa Pro?

If you need accessories to get the job done, Mesa Pro has you covered. Juniper Systems set out to design and offer accessories to provide additional functionality to the Mesa Pro. Included with every Mesa Pro is a stylus and a hand strap to allow for easier holding.

Beyond those two accessories, Juniper Systems has also created a battery charger that charges two Mesa Pro batteries, an office stand, and a hard handle that can be secured to the device to offer a comfortable carrying experience.

What kind of battery life does the Mesa Pro have?

A device with inadequate battery life can disrupt the entire workday. Juniper Systems wants users to be able to stay in the field for as long as they need to without having to adjust plans due to device performance. That is why the Mesa Pro includes batteries equipped for all-day use. The Mesa Pro uses two removable 43.2 Whr batteries.

What makes the Mesa Pro different than other durable consumer tablets?

In addition to all the customizations available for Mesa Pro, the ruggedness of this device is what sets it apart from other durable consumer tablets. At Juniper Systems, all our devices are designed to withstand the harshest of environments. The rock-solid Mesa Pro meets MIL-STD-810H certification. Additionally, the Mesa Pro is IP65 certified, meaning the device is resistant to water splashes and dust.

These certifications, along with the features mentioned above, are just some ways that the Mesa Pro stands out among other rugged tablets. To learn more about the Mesa Pro, talk to someone from Juniper Systems today. 

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