Geode Connect for Windows and Android receives large update

Geode Connect

Geode Connect is a powerful tool that allows users to easily connect and control a Geode™ Sub-meter GPS Receiver with their desired mobile device. Available for Windows®, Android™, and iOS®, Geode Connect is an essential part of collecting accurate data with the Geode.

Geode Connect is periodically updated not just to fix bugs and keep the performance of the Geode at a premium. We also are releasing this major update to provide additional features that our customers have desired. We are anxious to get this updated utility into users hands to make their job easier.

With the release of the Geode GNS2 receiver in the fall of 2019, an iOS version of the application was released with many updated features and an updated user interface. The development team has been hard at work bringing those same updates to the Windows and Android versions of the app. In this article, we will breakdown those updates and show how Geode Connect has changed and improved to be a stronger tool for users.

Geode Connect for Windows

Geode Connect for Windows (V2.2.2) offers the biggest update of the two apps. These new and updated features include:

  • User Interface updates
  • Battery Monitoring (with Geode GNS2 models)
  • NTRIP function changed from beta to release
  • Background Map Source (Bing Maps)
  • Include Virtual Com Port in Geode Connect
    • Separate signed driver (automatically installed)
    • Allows for connections to third-party apps
    • Can get NTRIP data from Geode Connect for customer’s apps
  • Enable all available constellations
  • Allow apps that use Windows location services to access Geode location data (via driver API)
  • Standardize settings across platforms (Android/iOS/Windows)

UI updates

Updates to the user interface of the app bring all three versions of Geode Connect in line with one another. The addition of additional device monitoring and management tools gives greater control over the Geode through the app.

Old Geode Connect UI
New Geode Connect UI

Battery Monitoring

Being able to monitor the battery level of the Geode while it is charging or while in the field has been a much-requested feature by users. The launch of the Geode GNS2 and the iOS version of Geode Connect saw the battery monitoring feature included. This feature has now been added to the Windows and Android versions of the app. This adds an extra element of control and a visual cue to help users get more out of their Geode while collecting data. Geode GNS2 devices are capable of reporting battery status in the app. Older Geode devices do not have this functionality. User can check their Geode model using the label on the bottom of the device.

Geode Connect old status bar
Geode Connect new status bar with battery and charging indicator

NTRIP integration leaving beta and entering full release

What is NTRIP? The NTRIP protocol (Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol) is a data stream over the internet that allows you to improve the accuracy of your device. Through this data stream, you can achieve correction information from a base station nearby. The Geode is capable of receiving NTRIP data. This correction data coupled with the GNSS data is combined in the Geode receiver and through algorithms and processors, the errors are minimized. GPS satellites are orbiting at over 12,000 miles above us, they can tell us where we are to within a foot or two (or better). NTRIP helps us obtain those types of accuracies. This also allows NTRIP data from the Geode to be used in other applications used to collect mapping data.

Background Map Source (Bing Maps)

A background map has been added to the application to help with set up and basic navigation. This helps users set up quickly in an area before they start collecting data in other applications. Users can also capture simple points and record them in this screen, the addition of a background map now makes this easier.

Geode Connect without base map
Geode Connect v2.2.2 with base map

Windows Location Services

This update also brings the ability to use the Geode with applications that use Windows Location Services. Through this, an application that uses Windows Location Services for location positioning can access the accurate GPS data that the Geode is producing and not the less accurate positioning of the integrated GPS in the device.

Enable all available constellations

Geode Connect now allows for the Geode to connect to all of the constellations present in the settings menu. These constellations include GPS, GLONASS, SBAS, BeiDou, GALILEO, and QZSS. Some older Geode units may require a firmware update to see all constellations. The default firmware shipped in the Geode does not include support for all constellations. This firmware can be downloaded here.

Standardized settings across platforms (Android/iOS/Windows)

To bring all three versions of Geode Connect closer together the settings options and Geode functions that can be controlled from the app have been made standard across all three. These settings and options give users the ability to set GPS and Multi-GNSS settings, which constellations to receive data from, adjust refresh rates, and access NTRIP settings.

Additional updates to Geode Connect for Android (V2.2.1)

The Android version of Geode Connect already possessed many of the updates that the Windows version has just received. Updates to the Android version include an updated UI to reflect the battery status of the Geode that is connected to the device and updates to the aforementioned settings menu of the app. These updates bring this version of the app in line with the iOS version released in 2019.  

Where to get these updated apps

  • Geode Connect on iOS can be downloaded from the Apple® App Store here
  • For Android devices with Google Play access here
  • For Android devices without Google Play access a .apk file of the app is available for download here
  • Geode Connect for Windows can be downloaded here.

Strong resources to get the job done

These updates help to bring all three versions of Geode Connect closer together for Geode users. Providing the tools and resources that they need is a top priority for our team. If you need help installing, learning, or using Geode Connect please reach out to us. For more information about the Geode Sub-meter GPS Receiver visit our website and for purchasing questions contact us here.

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