Geode GNS2 optimized apps for iPhone and iPad

(This article pertains to applications that have been updated to have full functionality with the Geode GNS2 Sub-meter GPS Receiver on iPhone and iPad and are downloadable through the App Store. The Geode GNS2 continues to work with Windows 10, Windows Embedded Handhelds, and Android devices.)

The launch of the Geode GNS2 Sub-meter GPS Receiver brought some exciting features to the Geode line, headlined by MFi (Made For iPhone, iPad, iPod) support. MFi certification allows the Geode to be connected directly to compatible iPhone or iPad devices (you can read more about this here). Since the launch of the GNS2, the response has been incredible. Not only from customers looking to deploy Geode GNS2 devices into their fleets, but also by developers updating their mapping software and application to take full advantage of the GPS power of the Geode while using an Apple device.

Does the Geode GNS2 work with any app?

Yes. Once you connect your Geode GNS2 to your compatible iPhone or iPad it will work with any app that accesses Location Services. Essentially, once the Geode is connected it replaces the GPS that is built into your device. For example, your Apple or Google Maps app will begin reflecting the location of your Geode.

So, any app that is used for mapping is good to go?

It depends. This is another example of how the Geode replaces the internal GPS of the iPhone or iPad. If an app needs to display additional data beyond the basic information provided by Location Services within the OS such as NMEA data, accuracy information, or offer receiver configuration options then the app will need additional modifications to interface directly with the Geode to perform properly. Apps can easily be updated to directly interface with the Geode. For app developers, the process for doing this can be found in the following web document. Click here.

Current updated applications

Many apps have already been, or are in the process of being, specifically updated for use with the Geode GNS2 on iPhone and iPad. Apps that have already been added to and approved as part of our Apple-compatibility Product Plan for the Geode GNS2 include the following. (This list will continue to expand and grow as more apps are updated to interface directly with the Geode GNS2, we will be updating this blog post as that happens.)

We would like to note that iPhone and iPad mapping apps not listed below are still compatible with the Geode and will still receive a sub-meter position, however some enhanced software features may be missing.

1. GEODE CONNECT version 1.0.0 and later

GEODE CONNECT by Juniper Systems is a basic utility app that allows you to interface with your Geode GNS2. It provides the ability to change settings on the Geode to meet your work environment. The app can also be used as an NTRIP Client to set up correction services for the Geode. Easily see your position, altitude, estimated horizontal error, speed, heading, satellites in fix, PDOP and Correction sources, and a Skyplot screen.

2. ProStar PointMan version 3.24 and later

ProStar PointMan by ProStar GeoCorp, LLC is a data capture application that is designed for collecting precision location points and metadata. Often used in asset management, ProStar Pointman is now updated to work seamlessly with the Geode GNS2 and iPhone and iPad. PointMan offers both a basic version of the app and a Pro version for a subscription. A 30-day trial of the Pro version is available upon download.

3. vGIS Utilities version 2.19.0 and later

vGIS Utilities by vGIS Inc. is a professional application that uses accurate GPS positioning and augmented reality to bring utility management to new heights. Combining object holograms with object-specific data to provide accurate representations of infrastructure so that services can be performed quickly, accurately, and safely.

Check back regularly for updated information about apps that are updated for use with the Geode GNS2.

See the Geode GNS2 in action with an iPhone XR

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