Getting the most out of your Mesa Pro Rugged Tablet

The Mesa® Pro Rugged Tablet is designed to get the job done in any environment. Juniper Systems has developed a customizable device that can be used in the office as a laptop and in harsh environments as a rugged handheld. Because the Mesa Pro has so many different capabilities, we want to make sure users know what is available to them.


Much like Juniper System’s other products, the Mesa Pro is a durable device designed to perform in harsh surroundings. However, not only can the Mesa Pro perform in rugged environments, but it’s also a great laptop alternative for those who work in the office. With a 10.1 display, the Mesa Pro is large enough to replace the typical office laptop. The Mesa Pro is also equipped with  Intel® 11th Generation  Core™ Processors. This processing power, combined with the Microsoft Windows 11 operating system and ample system memory and storage, means users don’t have to decide between durability and performance.

With Mesa Pro, users now have a device that can transition between the office and the field. Juniper Systems knows what you need from an in-office device is often very different from a device in the field. In addition to the internal power and capabilities the Mesa Pro has, it can also be docked with monitors, and a keyboard and mouse can be used for a complete office set-up. Whether in the office or the field, the Mesa Pro simplifies users’ hardware needs by eliminating the need for multiple mobile devices.

Mesa Pro in an office setting.
From the office to the field, Mesa Pro offers the power of a laptop and the portability of a tablet.


Designed with the user in mind, the Mesa Pro is equipped with features to simplify your workflow and minimize the amount of equipment you need to get the job done. Juniper Systems believes the least complicated part of the job should be the gear you are working with. With that in mind, the Mesa Pro has an ergonomic design that users won’t get sick of holding.

The Mesa Pro was also designed to be used in any environment. We know that different conditions can impact touchscreen performance. The Mesa Pro is equipped with a range of touch profiles so that environment won’t affect performance. The Mesa Pro has customized profiles equipped to handle wet or snowy environments. Additionally, if users need to use gloves or a stylus while working, the Mesa Pro has touch profiles to handle that as well.

The Mesa Pro is configured by us for you, which means that along with a wide variety of capabilities, some of Mesa Pros’ features can be customizable to the user. For example, the Mesa Pro is equipped with eight programmable buttons. If users need a device to perform specific functions with the tap of a button, the Mesa Pro can make that happen. Users can also expand their storage or processing power and purchase additional batteries if they need more power to get their work done. You can customize the device to work for you.

Unlike other handheld devices, the Mesa Pro doesn’t need a charger in the field. With the Mesa Pro’s hot-swapping batteries, users don’t have to worry about ensuring their device is fully charged before going out in the field. Using removable 43.2 Watt-hour batteries, users can replace dead batteries with fully charged ones without needing to shut down or reboot the device. With hot-swapping capabilities, the Mesa Pro ensures low battery life won’t interrupt your workday.

Mesa Pro in an industrial setting.
Mesa Pro is an in the field powerhouse and will keep your work going


Users should ensure they are equipped with the necessary accessories to get the most out of the Mesa Pro. Juniper Systems has developed a range of accessories compatible with the Mesa Pro so that the device can be used in any environment. All Mesa Pro devices come with a stylus, tether, and hand strap for the comfort and ease of all users. Users can purchase the following additional accessories through Juniper Systems to enhance their Mesa Pro experience.

  • Multi-battery Charing Kit
  • Screen Protectors
  • Adjustable Office Stand Kit
  • Four-Point Harness
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • RAM Mount
  • Attachable Rugged Carrying Handle
  • Pole Mount Kit
  • USB to HDMI

Your Office, Anywhere.

With these features and capabilities, the Mesa Pro is designed to accommodate your workload and work environment. If you still wonder if the Mesa Pro can work for you, contact us today to learn more.

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