GPSStaker – New Pole Staking Application

Futura Systems pole stakingIf you’re unfamiliar with pole staking, it’s a utilities application that involves mapping a new utility pole run, ensuring that the distance between each pole is up-to-code and geo-located, and then recording the GPS coordinates of where each pole should be placed.

Futura Systems provides pole staking and other enterprise utility GIS solutions for electric and utilities applications and recently became a partner of Juniper Systems. Their newest pole staking application, called GPSStaker, enhances their current solution—FuturaStake, an automated staking extension that builds on the Esri ArcMap foundation. GPSStaker enables utility field designers to GPS-stake a job on the Archer 2™ using ArcPad 10. The data is then automatically synced back into FuturaStake.  Futura Systems is formally launching this mobile app that runs on the Archer 2 at their user conference in August.

How It Works:

Using the Archer 2, a utility staker can GPS-pinpoint a location and input construction units into a “smart form,” and Futura GPSStaker will auto-generate conductor line features from those locations.Futura Systems GPSStakerFutura Systems GPSStaker Futura Systems GPSStaker

Why the Archer 2:

According to Futura Systems, the Archer 2 is the best hardware solution to pair with the Futura GPSStaker application due to its powerful engineering and ruggedized construction. Its excellent processing speed and responsiveness enable the GPSStaker application to load smoothly and quickly, and its glove-friendly, field-built design promotes ease-of-use for even the most technology-resistant utility employee.Archer 2 IP68 waterproof

“The people in the field want lighter hardware and more efficient staking processes,” said Doug Malinowski, CIO of Futura Systems. “With Futura GPSStaker and the Archer 2, we’ve designed a promising solution that combines the accuracy they need with the design quality they want.”

To learn more about the Archer 2, click here.


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    We own a small utility pole staking business and looking into your equipment . I an not sure own what all equipment or devices that I would need can you send me more information and pricing information thanks Jimmy Pate

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