Happy Customers Make Our Day

Allegro MXWe received an email the other day from one of our customers who works in collaboration with the Agricultural Research Organization at the Volcani Center in Israel. They recently began using an older Allegro model, the Allegro CE, for their data collection. We just had to share what they wrote because it’s things like this that make us love what we do every day.

Dear Scott,
I wanted to give you a quick update on the use of the two Allegro units sent to my lab in Israel. We received the units in March and two days later I began using one of the units in the field. Throughout the rest of my time in Israel I used this unit every time I went out (25+ days) and never had a single problem in the field or while syncing and downloading my data. The units were a tremendous help in terms of speeding up the field data collection and eliminating the use of pencil and paper. Even though I have returned to the USA, both units are still being used by my fellow colleagues in Israel.
I have attached a few photos we took with the units while working on my project for your pleasure.
From all of us at the Volcani Center lab in Israel, Thank you!

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