HarvestMaster Introduces Mirus 2.1

Introducing Mirus 2.1 for agricultural field researchersHarvestMaster just introduced Mirus™ 2.1, the newest version of its field data collection software for agricultural researchers. Mirus and HarvestMaster’s GrainGages™ are designed to yield higher-quality data and increase efficiency for field researchers in a number of ways. One of these ways is that Mirus brings together all the information you need, and conveniently presents it to you on one screen. It’s also easy to adapt to your needs, as it can be connected to other field data collection devices that you may be using.

Here are a few of the new features you’ll see in Mirus 2.1:

Create Standard Plot ID Maps within Mirus

    • Convenient for users whose research is based on plots that use standard plot IDs rather than range/row configuration
    • Seamlessly export data from Mirus to analysis software without needing to match up plotsMirus 2.1 for agricultural field researchers

Export Yield Maps to Excel for Printing

  • A special request from users, this feature gives users a view of field performance at the time of harvest
  • Print feature allows a user to save a colored copy of field data for comparisonHeat Map for Mirus 2.1

Supports Zebra Label Printer

  • Users can now print an adhesive label of range/row & plot data at the time of harvest, which can then be applied to collected samples
  • Easy way to customize label information

Supports Polytec NIRS Sensor

  • Mirus starts the Polytec NIRS scan after plot is harvested, and then stores NIRS summary data in the Mirus database
  • All the plot & NIRS data is exported to an Excel file

Includes Generic Harvest Module for Silage & Forage Harvesters with Sub-Sampler

  • Users harvesting silage & forage plots can now take advantage of the benefits of Mirus, previously only available for HarvestMaster GrainGage users.

If you’re looking to improve your agricultural field research, contact us to start using Mirus 2.1 today.

If you’re already a Mirus user, you can upgrade to Mirus 2.1 here.

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