Juniper Aspect – New Release Out, Plus Try it for Free!

Mapping software that uses GIS technologyHave you heard about our field mapping software, Juniper Aspect? We now have a new release out: Juniper Aspect 1.2! If you’re a current Juniper Aspect customer, all you need to do is check for updates in your software, and the new version will automatically download. If you’re new to Juniper Aspect, here’s a brief overview: Juniper Aspect is a field mapping software that utilizes GIS technology to map any type of assets. The focus in developing Aspect was on pure simplicity and intuition—so that anyone (especially field workers) could quickly learn how to use it with its super-short learning curve.

Map assets using GIS technologyThe software was first intended to help Public Works professionals perform mapping projects like pavement inspection, street and traffic sign inventory and inspection, and vegetation management, among many other things, but Aspect is now being used for any jobs that require locating, documenting, and inspecting assets.

The new release, Juniper Aspect 1.2, is designed to be even more intuitive than its predecessor, with more improvements and capabilities, including the ability to more extensively filter and organize data. If you’d like to give Juniper Aspect a try, you can download a FREE preview version here. Or take a look around on our website to learn more.

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