Juniper Hardware and Accessories: The Rugged Manufacturing Solution

Juniper’s hardware solutions provide user-friendly and lightning-fast reliability in the manufacturing industry. The Mesa® 4 and Mesa® Pro rugged tablets and the rugged handheld are designed to handle the toughest conditions in industrial environments. With data collection, communication, optional RFID and barcode scanners, forklift mounts, and hand straps, these rugged tools and accessories are instrumental in managing inventory, enhancing workflow, and supporting essential software. Here are just a few ways Junipers’ rugged solutions can assist in the manufacturing process:

Inventory Management

Knowing what is in your warehouse is one of the most important pieces of information to any manufacturing facility. Junipers’ industrial grade tablets withstand the rigors of the rough and tumble environments in manufacturing. Track and monitor inventory levels with optional RFID and barcode scanner and use the pistol grip attachment to reduce any possible strain. The all-day battery life and hot-swap battery option allow workers to finish the job without interruption. Inventory managers can conduct stock checks and audits directly on the warehouse floor, eliminating a remote workstation. The power to update inventory and reduce errors is as simple as the portable device in your hand.

Storing Documents

Rugged devices handle digital documents and manuals with ease by streamlining workflow processes. Documents such as orders can be collected in real-time, reducing paperwork and minimizing errors. Maintenance technicians equipped with a warehouse tablet can access critical information including safety protocols and maintenance manuals directly on the shop floor without returning to a stationary workstation. This immediate access to digital information can be accessed on web-based applications on a Windows rugged tablets like the Mesa 4 and Mesa Pro, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in tasks.

Collaboration and Communication

Real-time communication is essential on the job. With a rugged tablet, information can be shared immediately on the manufacturing floor. Workers can use the Mesa 4 or Mesa Pro to communicate with colleagues, share updates, and collaborate on projects using messaging apps, facilitating fast decision-making. Inspectors can use rugged tablets to record quality control data, take photos of defects, and document inspection results directly into their devices. The portability and versatility of these devices streamline the communication between teams.

Inbound and Outbound Processing

Avoid costly and unnecessary bottlenecks in your operation by using tablets for warehouse use. Process inbound shipments to ensure everything is in order, then quickly direct materials around your facility all on your rugged device. Enhance productivity by giving real-time access to order details, inventory levels, and shipping instructions. Take advantage of all the features with a powered forklift dock without ever having to exit your vehicle. Seamlessly switch to a mobile solution using the convenient hand strap with an ergonomic design that doesn’t fatigue your hands. Facilitate faster and more accurate order fulfillment, reduce errors, and improve customer satisfaction. Our Mesa 4, Mesa Pro rugged tablets, and Archer handhelds are rugged and ready to handle any environment. Enjoy impressive processing power from anywhere in your facility.

Juniper Systems is a leading manufacturer of ultra-rugged tablets, handheld computers, GPS receivers, GIS mapping software, and field computing solutions. We offer easy-to-use mapping tools, including the Mesa® Rugged Tablets, Geode™ GNSS Receiver, and our Uinta™ Mapping Software. Visit our website to see how Juniper Systems’ rugged solutions meet all your mapping needs.

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