Juniper Systems announces strong fiscal year in 2018

Juniper SystemsJuniper Systems, a privately and employee-owned leading manufacturer of rugged tablets and handheld computers, announced today a second consecutive fiscal year of double-digit growth. The company’s fiscal year ended Aug. 31.

“Juniper Systems’ success story looks different than many modern tech start-up companies,” said DeVon Labrum, the company’s CEO. “We’ve focused on strategic slow-burning, hard-fought disruption, and it has paid off. We’ve been around for a quarter of a century and don’t show any signs of stagnating. That’s unique today among tech.”

Juniper Systems' story

Juniper Systems since the 2016 fiscal year has brought on an additional 46 full-time employees – 28 in the past year. It estimates around 20 additional full-time employees will join this fiscal year.

Juniper Systems is undergoing its third physical expansion in 15 years. It is currently constructing a 52,390 square-foot expansion, slated for completion by February 2019. The new footprint will total around 100,000 square-feet for Juniper Systems engineering, design, manufacturing, sales, customer service, and executive teams, which are housed in the same Logan campus.

“The vision for this company was always to be community-minded and customer-focused,” Juniper Systems vice president of sales and marketing Nate Holman said. “We’ve carved out an ever-increasing share of this industry by being unabashed in that mission. Our time-tested brand allows us to organically grow into new markets and continually develop old ones.”

“No big acquisitions, no venture round financing – just organic growth,” he added. “This means more jobs, more opportunities to help the community, and another year designing, building, and selling the best rugged tablets and handheld computers in the industry. And we’re really happy about it.”

The company’s growth has been global. In 2013, it opened Juniper Systems Limited, a United Kingdom-based office serving Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Juniper Systems Limited plans additional expansion in Europe.

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