Juniper Systems Turns 30

April 2023 marks Juniper Systems’ 30th anniversary. 30 years of serving our partners and customers with the best rugged data collection devices and world-class customer service. We appreciate our many partners and those that help us accomplish our goal each day of bringing a hassle-free and personalized data collection experience to mobile workers around the world.

As we celebrate 30 years it is impossible not to reflect on the history of our company and our beginnings in agriculture research with our HarvestMaster brand. Originally called HarvestMaster, Juniper Systems has deep roots in the ag research space, and it continues to be a major industry for us today that is still served by our HarvestMaster brand. From simple data collection handhelds and weigh systems to our latest GrainGage test systems, HarvestMaster is a brand with incredible market share and trust within the ag research world.

As HarvestMaster grew and our products began finding their way into other industries such as forestry, natural resources, and geospatial it became clear that our products reached far beyond just agriculture and the name HarvestMaster became limiting to the company’s growing scope. With that, the company was renamed and Juniper Systems was born. Juniper represents many important parts of our company and products. Our founder, Ron Campbell, hails from Juniper, Idaho. Our products are enduring and long-lasting just like the many Juniper trees found across Utah. Juniper trees often find long lives in even the harshest environments. We create our products to do the same and to serve our customers in any environment.

Juniper has introduced dozens of well-regarded and rugged field data collectors in its 30 years. With many devices lasting more than ten years in the field. As Juniper grew and its reach into new industries expanded, so did the company’s offerings. The Allegro and Archer product lines offered two distinct field computers for users and have been used in the field for over 20 years.

In 2010, the Mesa Rugged Notepad was released marking the company’s first release of a tablet computer. The Mesa family of rugged tablets continues today with modern hardware, 7 and 10-inch screen sizes, and Windows 11 operating systems. The 10-inch Mesa Pro Rugged Tablet launched in late 2022.

In 2016, Juniper introduced the Geode, a real-time sub-meter GPS receiver that brought sub-meter accuracy to users in a compact and rugged form factor. Now on its third release, the Geode has become one of Juniper’s most popular devices and now offers users sub-meter, sub-foot, and decimeter accuracies.

Juniper Systems serves a global audience with physical locations in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Austria. We partner with customers that serve a variety of industries the world over and pride ourselves on our customer service. We are also proud that Juniper rugged devices are designed and assembled in the United States.

Through 30 years of business, Juniper has always known that our partners and the customers that they serve are what have made the company a success. We are about growing lasting partnerships to help workers everywhere thrive. We look forward to the next thirty years.

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