Juniper’s “Mapping Blitz” Helps Bear River Land Conservancy Maintain Important Habitat


Juniper Systems employees worked together with members of the Bear River Land Conservancy in an effort to aid in conservation of important habitat along the Bear River. Using the Geode Sub-meter GPS Receiver, the Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet, and the Allegro 2, a handful of our rugged handheld enthusiasts mapped updates and information on important plants, large debris, fence lines, and more while getting additional hands-on experience using Juniper’s data collection solutions.

We make organizing internal opportunities like this a priority because they allow Juniper Systems’ employees to put themselves in the shoes of the individuals using our products and evaluate improvements that could be made to improve user experience. By volunteering with the Bear River Land Conservancy, employees were able to use their experience and turn it into ideas for product improvements while contributing to a cause Juniper Systems has always been passionate about.

After two fun-filled days spent in the field sneezing, slapping mosquitos, and wiping off pollen-covered devices, the team returned to the office (soggy shoes and all) for some water and a take-away/brainstorming session. We are big believers in giving everyone in the company a voice and valuing any and all feedback that comes our way—so we did just that. This session opened the floor for even the newest team members to share insight. During this brainstorming session we were able to gather feedback and transform it into real product improvements. Watch out, the Juniper future is looking exciting.


For more information about the efforts Bear River Land Conservancy is making to conserve critical lands and what you can do to help, visit

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