Mesa Used for Environmental Injection

Mesa & environmental injection machine

W&M Environmental Group, Inc. provides environmental services to clients in a variety of industries, including Real Estate Due Diligence, Industrial Environmental Health & Safety, Natural Resources, and Industrial Hygiene/Safety. They’ve also been using the Mesa® Rugged Notepad for their data collection needs, particularly for environmental injection projects.

Environmental injection is a type of environmental remediation in which minimally-invasive chemicals are injected below ground to treat contamination, using a machine like this.

Environmental injection machine

This injectant may consist of synthetic chemicals developed for specific contaminants, or it may even be a food source, such as molasses or cheese whey, for naturally-occurring microbes.

W&M is using the Mesa to track the numerous types of data that must be collected at the time of injection. Once the data is collected, it is synced to a central enterprise database where it can be used by project stakeholders. Before using the Mesa, W&M was recording all of this data with pen & paper and manually typing it into a spreadsheet. Needless to say, they’re loving the convenience of the Mesa.

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