Photo Shoot at the Limestone Quarry

One thing you’ll probably learn about Juniper Systems is that we like to keep our operations in-house as much as possible. From the design, to manufacturing, to support, it’s all done here at our Logan, Utah location. We sometimes get asked who does our marketing for us—we do all of that here too. In fact, residents of Logan and the surrounding areas may recognize well-known locations depicted in our photography. On our marketing team, we have a couple of very talented photographers and an excellent graphic designer who pulls everything together and makes it look awesome. For our marketing materials, we often need photos of our rugged handhelds in the environment that they will be used, so it’s always exciting to brainstorm photo ideas. It’s also made us experience first-hand how rugged—and often hazardous—many of these places are for field workers.

This week, I got to tag along on a photo shoot for our newest rugged handheld, scheduled to be released at the end of this year. Up nearby Providence Canyon is an old limestone quarry that opened in 1903 and operated for 80 years or so. The view of the beautiful valley below, along with the steep mountains of piled limestone indicative of decades of hard labor portrayed the rugged environment we were looking for perfectly.

Aaron shooting photos on top of the steep mound of limestone.
Aaron shooting photos on top of the steep mound of limestone

Scouting out good photo spots.
Scouting out good photo spots
Aaron & Kirk comparing photos
Aaron & Kirk comparing photos

We took photos at several spots at the quarry, scrambling up and down mounds of rock and earth. Kirk, shown below, wanted to catch a different angle, so he braved the treacherous descent of the limestone pile and settled on a small ledge to take some photos.

Kirk, settled on the edge of the limestone mountain.
Kirk, settled on the edge of the limestone mountain

I wasn’t quite as brazen. I stayed far away from the edge.

I’d like to post the final photo that we chose because it turned out spectacular, but unfortunately, that will have to wait until later this year, closer to the product’s release. So, stand by. What do you think? Do you like our rock quarry photo idea? What kind of rugged environment would you like to see portrayed in one of our photos?

You can learn more about Juniper Systems rugged handhelds, by contacting us online or calling 435-753-1881 for live assistance. 

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