A Quirky Holiday Poem Just For You


Twas two days before Christmas, when all through Juniper
The workers were busy, filling every last order.

Some handhelds were packaged in their boxes with care,
While others were tossed off the roof on a dare.

Still others were dragged through the mud and the water,
We couldn’t help it, we filmed it—you’d think we’d act older.

We did this a lot this year, you may have seen,
Our torture vids that show our handhelds are mean.

Just two months ago, we launched the Archer 2
It’s got one heck of a screen for an impressive view.

We opened a new office in the U.K.
We’re still getting used to “ta-ta” and “good day!”

So now you’re filled in on what happened this year,
We wish you the best, and lots of good cheer.

Here’s our holiday hours, so listen up if you’ve dozed:
12/25 and 26, and 1/1 we’ll be closed.

We’re grateful to work with you—you’ve really been swell,
Merry Christmas from all of us, and Happy New Year as well! 


  1. Karla Gunnell says:

    I hope all my good friends at Juniper Systems have a wonderful holiday season!

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