To Dock or Not to Dock

Allegro 2 in handheld dockWe’re happy to announce that our long-anticipated A2 Single Ethernet Dock is now available. We designed and built this dock in response to customer requests, as a convenient means of charging a handheld, as well as syncing data with a PC or a network. The dock comes with an adapter that will allow it to work with either Archer 2™ or Allegro 2™ handhelds.dock adapter

Some people greatly benefit from having a dock, while others may find it’s just a small convenience. So how do you know if you need one or not?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it sound appealing to have a dedicated place to store your handheld when it’s not in use?
  • Is it important that your handheld is fully charged every day?
  • Do you often charge and sync your handheld simultaneously?
  • Do you tend to lose cables or chargers?
  • Do you need to connect your handheld to an Ethernet network?
  • Are several handhelds used by multiple teams or on multiple shifts?
    • These types of users may actually benefit most from using Multi-Docks, which reduce the number of cables and connectors, providing a cleaner, safer work environment.

If you answered “yes” to even a few of these questions, you may find that having a dock would be highly useful to you. To order one today, contact Juniper Systems.

Having a dock can be highly convenient because it acts as a more permanent charging/syncing station, without needing to negotiate cords or cables. And, you can still use the handheld while it’s resting in the dock.Archer 2 in dock

A2 Single Ethernet Dock’s Features:

  • Utilizes the AC power cord that is already included with each handheld
  • Includes a USB cable to connect to a PC

Parts included with the dock

  • Power indicator light
  • Screw-mounting holes on the bottom of the dock allows users to attach the dock to a shelf
  • Allows wired network connection via an Ethernet interface

Ethernet interface

  • Water-shedding design channels away any water that may be present on the handheld

To use the dock, handhelds must first have a docking IO module installed. All new Allegro 2 handhelds ship ready to use with the dock. Archer 2 handhelds may either be ordered with the docking module pre-installed, or the docking module may be purchased separately for an existing Archer 2 handheld.

To order a dock, contact Juniper Systems or your Juniper-authorized reseller. We’ll also have the dock up on our web store soon.

And speaking of Multi-Docks… We also have a 4-bay Multi Dock coming soon, which will be a huge benefit to customers with multiple handhelds. More on that later!

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