The Future of Mobile Technology for Geomatics Professionals


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General Manager of Juniper Systems Limited
Simon Bowe, General Manager at Juniper Systems Ltd.

Juniper Systems Ltd. General Manager Simon Bowe was recently interviewed by GeoConnexion about where mobile technology currently stands in the geomatics industry, and where it is going. Simon answers questions like:

  • Why is mobile computing making such an impact in geomatics?
  • What are the most important advances in mobile computing and how have they improved surveying?
  • What do you think the next big thing will be in mobile computing and how will it affect geomatics?

Read Simon’s answers to these and other questions here.

Do you agree with Simon’s responses? What else would you add?


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  1. Hey there, i followed the link to read Simon’s answers and it told me I am not authorized to view this article, how do i get authorization?

    Katelyn good job you guys are doing at Juniper Systems.

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