What is it like to work with an OEM tablet manufacturer?

For over two decades, Juniper Systems has provided companies and organizations with custom-branded and custom hardware-integrated devices across dozens of industries. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), not only do we create top-of-the-line rugged tablets, but we also provide personalized designs and integration to organizations for an affordable price. In this article, readers will learn what it is like to work with an OEM tablet manufacturer like Juniper Systems and what gives us an edge over our competitors. 

Mesa Pro with custom branding and colors


Partnering with Juniper Systems allows organizations to build a product that is their own. In collaboration with our design team, Juniper Systems customizes the device with your company’s colors and logo, allowing companies to seamlessly incorporate the new device with their other products and solutions. Customers will recognize the device as yours. 

Custom configuration 

An OEM partnership with Juniper Systems allows organizations to offer solutions to their clients without the risk and time involved in developing a new product. Juniper Systems provides a flexible solution by integrating additional hardware or software to already existing devices. Custom configuration can minimize the number of devices an end-user needs by combining multiple features on one device. Some examples include barcode scanners, radios, RFID, additional antennas, sensors, and connectors. Custom configuration allows Juniper and our OEM partners to offer more complete solutions to users. At Juniper Systems, we pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions. If none of the features mentioned apply to what you need, talk with one of our representatives today to find out what’s possible. 


Juniper Systems offers a lower-than-average minimum order quantity for custom devices, allowing customers to order a quantity that will fit their needs rather than agreeing to an amount they don’t expect to sell. Companies also save money with an OEM partnership because they are adapting an existing product. Saving them time and money that would have been spent on product development, testing, and manufacturing. 

Hands-on service and repair 

In addition to providing a custom device, Juniper Systems is also your service and repair center. We take care of any repairs or customer service issues with the device. Rather than handling these issues on your own, when a company partners with Juniper Systems, we provide continued support for the devices so that organizations can focus on selling the product. Providing a support team allows companies without the bandwidth for additional customer service to still offer solutions to customers without taking on additional costs. However, if companies would like to be more involved in the customer service and repair aspect, Juniper Systems also offers training so that partners can assist their customers themselves. 

Manufactured in the USA 

Along with repair and support, everything happens under one roof at Juniper Systems. Our devices are designed and assembled in the United States. At our Logan, Utah facility, devices undergo extensive testing before leaving our door. Partners also have a dedicated Account Manager to work with them and provide ongoing support throughout the partnership.  

Juniper Systems’ Logan, Utah Headquarters

Let’s start an OEM partnership today 

Juniper System offers affordable customized products to companies and organizations and has been doing so for over 20 years. We are proud to collaborate with organizations to offer complete solutions to customers. Contact us today to find out if we are the right OEM tablet manufacturer for you. 

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