Which Geode carrying or mounting option is best for you?

Because the Geode Sub-meter GPS Receiver was designed for a wide range of uses, we provide and have researched a variety of carrying options to meet the needs of each individual user. With the carrying options listed below, users have the ability to optimize their current workflow practices and increase productivity, simply by changing the way the Geode is carried. Items on this list are either available through Juniper Systems or a thrid party retailer.

Survey Pole (GPS Rover Rod)

The Geode Sub-meter GPS Receiver mounted

Equipped with a brass ¼’’ – 20 to 5/8’’ adapter, the Geode can be used with all standard survey pole equipment. With a survey pole being among the most popular carrying options, Juniper Systems also provides a variety of brackets and mounts used to attach handhelds to a survey pole. For pricing and more information on the Juniper Systems bracket options, email sales@junipersys.com.

Product #: 27198

Sold by Juniper Systems

Shoulder Mount

The Geode conveniently located on the shoulder of this field worker.

Attaching to any standard backpack strap, the Geode Shoulder Mount to a backpack strap is an excellent way to collect hands-free data. Shoulder-mounted Geode tests indicate negligible accuracy degradation when shoulder mounted.

Product #: 27583(1) and 27584(1)

Sold by Juniper Systems

External Cabled Magnetic Antenna

An external magnetic antenna attached directly to the Geode for greater usability.

An external magnetic antenna can attach directly to the Geode via 10 foot (3.05 meter) cable. Data will be collected wherever the cable is placed. The image shows a nice hands-free carrying method for the Geode with the cabled antenna placed on shoulder strap of a backpack with double-sided Velcro. The antenna cable is connected with a Geode and placed in a backpack while paired via Bluetooth® with the mobile device for data collection.

Product #: 26319

Sold by Juniper Systems

Large GIS Backpack with Adjustable Cam-lock Antenna Pole

GIS Backpack with the Geode and Mesa Rugged Tablet

This backpack and antenna option provides a hands-free solution for GPS data collection. Made with heavy-duty, high-vis polyester, this backpack features a cool mesh and foam back pad with a built-in pocket for a CamelBak®. The pack includes adjustable pockets, shoulder straps, and a Cam-Lock Antenna Pole and waist belt.

Product #: 8125-11-ORG

Available through SECO at www.surveying.com

Geode Antenna Pole and Mounting Kit for Backpack

A mounting kit for the backpack with a secure mounting pole to use the Geode.

Use an existing backpack to secure an antenna pole with the Geode. This carrying option includes an antenna pole and clamps that attach to ¾” or 1” webbing on the backpack. Note: the backpack (not included) must have an upper and lower webbing strap as illustrated above.

Product #: Pole-BPK-0318

Available on https://www.tablet-ex-gear.com

Geode Antenna Pole and Mounting Kit for Tablet EX Gear Chest Pack

An easy to attach antenna pole to the Mounting Kit for Tablet EX Gear Chest Pack

This secure pole offers a hands-free option for carrying the Geode to attach to the back of a Tablet EX Gear Chest Pack (not included). This carrying option includes the antenna pole and clamps needed to secure the pole onto the webbing as illustrated above.

Product #: Pole-CPK-0318

Available on https://www.tablet-ex-gear.com

Collapsible Camera Pole

A field worker using a collapsible camera pole to gather data.

The camera pole option provides an inexpensive solution for Geode carrying. With a ¼’’ – 20 female thread, the Geode can be used with a variety of mounts, including standard camera accessory type mounts. The camera pole can be extended and held or placed in a backpack.

Product #: TG-TPM67-101

Available online or at select retail stores (Incl. WalMart, Target, Amazon.com)

Geode/Smartphone Trays

This sub-meter GPS attached to the rugged smartphone, CP3.

The smartphone tray accessory allows users to attach the Geode to a Cedar CP3 Rugged Smartphone, Archer 2, or BYOD (bring your own device) smartphone to have both components work as an integrated device. Several trays are available depending on the mobile device.

Geode/CP3 Rugged Smartphone Tray Kit

Product #: 28324

Geode and Archer 2 Tray

Product #: 26794

Sold by Juniper Systems

Additional Phone Mounts and Brackets

For Geode mounts specific to newer consumer smartphones from manufactures such as Apple, Samsung, and Google, we recommend visiting SlipGrip, www.slipgripcarmounts.com.

Purchasing a compatible mounting system for the Geode and a regular consumer smartphone through SlipGrip consists of purchasing two items. The first, the Geode Smartphone Bracket, is available either though Juniper Systems or SlipGrip. The second is a phone tray from SlipGrip with an AMPS hole pattern. SlipGrip offers a variety of phone trays for the most popular phones in the world.

Once purchased, the Geode Bracket attaches to the phone specific tray providing an all-in-one carry solution.

Geode Smartphone Bracket

SlipGrip Part Number: SG-2019JNS

Juniper Systems Product# 28325

For a phone tray specific to an Apple, Samsung, Google, or other brand that is compatible with the Geode Smartphone Bracket visit SlipGrip.

Mounts for ATV/Vehicle

Magnetic ATV/Vehicle Mount

The magnetic ATV/Vehicle Mount for the ultra-rugged Geode Sub-meter GPS.

Product #: 5114-050

Available through SECO at www.surveying.com

Yoke Clamp Bar Mount

This mounting option is ideal for ATV mounts and other bars.

Product #: RAM-B-121-238U

Available on www.rammount.com

U-bolt and Strap Bar Mount

This mounting option is ideal for ATV mounts and other bars.

Product #: RAM-B-149Z-2U

Available on www.rammount.com

Additional Geode carrying options are available. Contact Juniper Systems at 435-753-1881 or click here to talk to a specialist about your unique application.


  1. Carlos Valenzuela says:

    Dear Sarah,
    Hello. Let me introduce myself. My name is Carlos Valenzuela. We ordered recently from you a Geode and an Archer2 for our EM38K2, which we use for electric conductivity measures in an antimagnetic zone of let’s say 2 square meters around it.
    I am worrying about placing the geode support (pole or other system) and the external antenna close to the EM38K2 as I understand they are both metalic and after considering the goods you offer for placing the Geode or the Archer. Do you have anything non-metalic for holding the Archer and/or the Geode. Thanks for your reply.

    • Hi Carlos,

      Unfortunately, we don’t. I would recommend reaching out to Geonics, as they may have a better idea of what’s available in non-metallic carrying options. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for with them, feel free to reach out again.

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