Why the Construction Industry Is Upgrading From Laptops to Rugged Mobile Devices

Computers are essential to the construction industry. Workers need to be able to view and keep track of data, building plans, onsite vehicles, and a host of other things. For a long time, this work was performed onsite using laptops. Otherwise, it required a lot of time and communication between those working in the office and those on the job. Introducing mobile devices, such as handhelds and tablets to the construction industry can drastically change how work can be done.

Two workers using a rugged mobile device for construction

Juniper Systems knows construction workers need devices that can keep up with their surroundings. Rugged devices allow those in the construction industry to save money and be more efficient with their time and resources without compromising device performance. This article explores why rugged mobile devices, specifically the Mesa® Pro Rugged Tablet by Juniper Systems, are better-suited tools for the construction industry than a laptop.


The laptop wasn’t designed to be used outside of a home or an office. This is especially true for those working in harsh surroundings. In an environment with power tools and heavy-duty machinery, workers should have devices that match. The Mesa Pro is a rock solid device that has undergone extensive testing to handle the harshest environments.

Not only are tablets like the Mesa Pro designed ergonomically, making them easier to carry around on the job than a laptop. The Mesa Pro is also designed Juniper Rugged™, meaning it was specifically designed to keep out things like dust and dirt and offer protection against heavy rain and multiple drops onto concrete. Along with our tests, the Mesa Pro has also been tested to meet MIL-STD-810H test procedures. Workers can go throughout their workday without needing to always be wary of their devices and making sure they are protected. With a mobile device, you can focus on the job at hand.


Before the advancement of mobile devices, laptops were the only devices that could run the software needed in the construction industry. Now, with devices like the Mesa Pro, users can run that same software on a device better equipped to handle their harsh environments. The Mesa Pro is equipped with a range of processors to meet your needs. Software programs like BIM, AutoCAD, Revit, and SOLIDWORKS can run on the Mesa Pro, making this the ideal device for those working in vertical construction. These are just some programs that can be run on the Mesa Pro, relevant software for concrete surfacing and flatness monitoring are also compatible with the Mesa Pro. Contact us for any questions about software compatibility.

In addition to computing power, the Mesa Pro was specifically engineered to prevent it from becoming overheated. These advanced programs won’t slow your device and workday down by running them on the Mesa Pro, meaning you can truly take the office with you to any construction site. 


Some construction managers take laptops into the field simply because the larger screen makes it easier to view when working on projects or looking at plans. The Mesa Pro was designed with this in mind. With a 10.1 inch high-resolution screen, users can see more than on a typical handheld. The larger screen means that workers no longer need a laptop to do their work efficiently.

In addition to the large screen, the Mesa Pro also has a sunlight-readable display. Meaning it provides a bright image even in direct sunlight. Data and plans can be easily seen while working, regardless of the environment.


An additional benefit that sets the Mesa Pro apart from other mobile devices is that it is easily customizable. Additional scanners, antenna, and other hardware can be incorporated into the Mesa Pro to offer users a more customized solution than a standard laptop. There are many different sectors within the construction industry, all needing different things from their devices. Rather than purchasing additional equipment, Juniper Systems collaborates with users to create a customized rugged device unique to their needs when possible. 

The same conveniences offered on a laptop are now available on a more rugged device. Construction workers don’t have to sacrifice durability for performance. Mobile devices like the Mesa Pro can handle the same workload while providing users with an easy-to-read screen and protection from harsh elements. Contact us today if you are looking to upgrade your device. Visit our Rugged Tablets page to explore all of Juniper’s rugged tablet solutions.

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