10 Things You Might Not Know About the Windows 10 Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet

Mesa 2 Windows Rugged Tablet

If you’ve checked out the new Mesa 2™ Rugged Tablet since our announcement last week, then I’m sure you’ve picked up on a few of the obvious things:

  • It’s running the new Windows 10.
  • It’s got a 7-inch display—larger than any of our previous handhelds.
  • Its battery lasts 8–10 hours, plus you can get an optional internal battery to gain an additional 4-5 hours of runtime.
  • It’s rated an impressive IP68 for dust and water.
  • Even with a larger display, it’s thinner and lighter than its predecessor, the Mesa Rugged Notepad.
  • It swapped the Mesa Rugged Notepad’s resistive touch screen out for a capacitive touch screen for better responsiveness.

Knew all that already? Yeah, we figured as much. You guys don’t miss a thing.

BUT… there are a few things that may not be as obvious. Here are 10 things you might not know about the Mesa 2…

  1. Windows10It’s the only Windows tablet on the market with an IP68 rating.

Most are rated IP65 or lower, meaning that they are completely dust-tight, and they are protected from low-pressure water jets from any direction. However, they are not designed to handle complete immersion in water. The IP68-rated Mesa 2 can be immersed completely in water long-term, and still work swimmingly (Pun intended. Ha.).

  1. It maintains its IP68 seal even when the port cover is off and the ports are in use.Ports

Most competitor products do not maintain their seal if the port cover is not securely in place. To us, this is a problem, as many people collect data using additional sensors or other accessories, which utilize their handhelds’ ports.

  1. It has superior ergonomics.

Ergonomics Now, this is a hard one to put a number to, so this benefit is easily overlooked. However, when considering that a device will be held in-hand 8+ hours a day, 5+ days a week, ergonomics is an extremely important factor. With a highly ergonomic design, you can minimize the perceived weight, making the tablet more comfortable and feel lighter than it actually is.

The Mesa 2’s hand strap is designed to provide the lightest perceived weight possible, minimizing strain on the user’s hand. The exact place it’s located on the tablet makes a huge difference. Many competitor tablets have an X-shaped strap on the back of the handheld, which turns the palm up and places stress on the arm. On the Mesa 2, we’ve placed the strap on the side, allowing for a more natural, relaxed hand position. Finger holds on the back provide for a more comfortable, secure grip and reduced tension. On top of that, the Mesa 2 remains highly ergonomic in both landscape and portrait orientation.

  1. Its Dragontrail™ HIE glass touch screen provides impressive durability.

Chemically treated to provide excellent ruggedness and damage resistance, the Mesa 2’s touch screen can even bend significantly without breaking and is less brittle. Watch this video to see for yourself.

  1. Mesa 2 front and sideIts IllumiView™ display uses specialized technology for extra clarity and brightness outdoors.

This is the same technology used in our Archer 2 rugged handheld, which has become a favorite feature among Archer 2 users. Learn more about the IllumiView display in this blog post.

  1. It has stellar battery life.

BatteryOur standard battery has around double the capacity that competitors’ standard batteries have. That means less downtime for users.

  1. It has an extra-long battery life cycle

Not only does the Mesa 2’s standard battery last for a full 8-10 hrs, but it’s also a higher-end battery, designed to last for the entire life cycle of the tablet, and in most cases, shouldn’t need to be replaced before replacing the Mesa 2. With many competitors, you expect to replace the battery at some point during the life of the handheld.

  1. It has an internal magnesium structural frame, which provides even greater strength.

By using high-performance plastic as the outer enclosure of the Mesa 2, we can keep the antennas inside the seal and protect them from corrosion and other elements. Competitor products’ antennas are placed outside of the seal, exposing them to potential damage and resulting in poor ergonomics. The Mesa 2’s plastic outer enclosure allows for excellent radio communications, while still remaining ergonomic. Meanwhile, the Mesa 2 is built with an internal magnesium structural frame, which provides excellent strength and durability, while retaining all those benefits of having a plastic outer enclosure. Best-of-both-worlds type thing.

  1. It conserves power while using Bluetooth®.

BluetoothThe Mesa 2 utilizes Bluetooth® Smart Ready wireless technology, which conserves battery power while in use, allowing users to stretch that time between charging for as long as possible.

  1. You can add a 1D/2D barcode imager and UHF RFID reader without adversely affecting ergonomics.

Often times, adding additional readers or sensors onto a device necessitates an expansion pack, which changes the form factor of the device and disrupts ergonomics. However, you can add an integrated 1D/2D barcode imager or UHF RFID reader onto the Mesa 2 without changing its form, and thereby retaining its excellent ergonomics.

Make sure to check out the Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet on our website, and sign up for a Mesa 2 demo ASAP!


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