3 reasons why businesses partner with Juniper Systems

Businesses across various industries continue to choose Juniper Systems as a strategic partner. Creating customized data collectors for hazardous locations, geospatial, natural resources, utilities, and the military is what Juniper Systems does best for its partners. In this article, readers will come to understand three of the most common reasons why businesses from these industries partner with Juniper Systems.

High-quality data collectors professionals trust

For almost 30 years, Juniper Systems has created data collectors of the highest quality for mobile workers around the world. This level of excellence is credited to the values of Juniper Systems, referred to as company maxims. Employees, users, and partners are provided with this information to gain a deeper understanding of who Juniper Systems is as a company.

The employees of Juniper Systems reflect these values in the development of each product. Product Managers are responsible and passionate about gathering feedback from users. This information is highly valuable and influential in the development of Juniper Systems products. Engineers use the feedback to create data collectors that meet or exceed the needs of users.

Understanding the various needs and expectations of users is at the heart of Juniper System’s mission. The handhelds made at Juniper Systems are intentionally built to limit user fatigue and provide unwavering reliability. This is accomplished by manufacturing rugged handhelds with sunlight-readable displays, designing with ergonomics at the forefront of development, providing a battery for all-day use, and more.

Field ready batteries in the Mesa

Once the handheld specifications are determined and implemented, the team is hard at work to meet certifications. This consists of putting each and every device through a series of torture tests to meet common standards within the rugged handheld industry, including MIL-STD-810G, Class 1 Division 2 certification for hazardous locations, IP68, and others. Once the product has met or exceeded the series of torture tests performed for quality, durability, and performance, it is turned over to manufacturing.

Juniper System’s manufacturing team plays a vital role in the implementation of these ideas to improve the experience of users with Juniper System’s products. Throughout the assembly of these rugged handheld computing solutions, technicians follow a strict protocol to maintain the standards of Juniper System’s ISO 9001-certified facility. When the device is built, each and every product undergoes rigorous testing to confirm that Juniper System’s highest standards are met before shipping anything out the door.

ISO 9001-certified facility
Juniper System’s ISO 9001-certified facility

These are just a few of the many reasons why businesses trust and rely on Juniper Systems for rugged handhelds and tablets to be used in harsh environments.

Customizations, Configurations, and Integrations that continue to impress

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Juniper Systems provides organizations with unbeatable rugged tablets, powerful field computers, and sub-meter GPS receivers. In addition to these top-of-the-line products, Juniper Systems recognizes and offers custom-branded and custom hardware integrations for companies looking to take their business to the next level.

There are many reasons why companies consider a custom rugged device from Juniper Systems. Among them is location. Being based in the United States has become an uncommon characteristic among those in the rugged handheld industry. Juniper Systems is proud to design and assemble rock solid devices in Logan, Utah.

Custom branding with the Mesa Rugged Tablet

The design, engineering, and manufacturing teams are all located under one roof, making it easier than ever for businesses to have custom devices in the field. This one aspect of Juniper Systems creates flexibility in the development of configurations, integrations, and custom-branding. Business Development Manager Tom Francom shared the following about his experience providing custom solutions for businesses around the world.

“When discussing options for customizing or configuring our devices with a partner it is easy to get a quick answer,” Francom said. “Our Product Managers are just a few feet away to ask about what is possible with the various data collectors we offer. Engineering and Manufacturing teams are ready to address any of the ideas or components a partner would like to see in or on the device. Having all of us in the same location provides partners with fast, reliable, and personal care.”

Rugged Tablets customized

To get a deeper dive into how Juniper Systems delivers these impressive results, visit our OEM/Customization page to learn more.

Personalized world-class support

Professionals and businesses using these custom products by Juniper Systems continue to be impressed with the device and care they receive. At Juniper Systems, users can expect more with live and personalized care. Sales Manager Doug Moore provides insight on how professionals are positively affected by the world-class support Juniper System provides.

“Professionals and partners have a personal sales representative along with a service representative devoted to providing the best care possible to each account,” Moore said. “These representatives make all the difference with our partners and users. When devices come back to us in need of repairs or data recovery from extreme damage, our team works every angle of the device to capture the information needed.”

Juniper Systems prides itself in providing the mobile workers of the world with personalized, world-class support. The Juniper System team looks forward to solving problems and improving the user experience with data collection devices for extreme environments.

Contact us to learn about the other many reasons why businesses and professionals choose to work with Juniper Systems.

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