4 ways construction management can improve workflow with mapping and data collection software

1. Efficiency in information management

Information is power. Efficiency in the management and communication of information is essential. Construction management is a market with data, reports, schedules, and more. These pieces of information must be communicated between those ordering supplies, those managing construction sites, and those delivering and placing the supplies on-site. A mapping and data collection software can support construction management teams by magnifying their efforts in managing communication and information in a timely manner.

Having real-time data and communication is essential for greater success in construction management. Maintaining schedules for service, inspections, checklists, and accurate record-keeping can be effectively managed with superior mapping and data collection software. Collecting information and sharing it with those off and on the site can be maximized with software that has various sharing capabilities.

Collecting data at a construction site with Uinta Data Collection and Mapping Software on the Mesa Rugged Tablet
Using the Mesa Rugged Tablet to collect information at a construction site

The continuous flow of information is a piece of the puzzle that construction management cannot ignore. Combining superior software with ultra-rugged hardware creates an opportunity for those within the construction industry to increase the longevity of this solution.

Those within construction management are strong leaders because they understand the value of efficient and effective communication. Juniper Systems offers both software and hardware solutions for construction management to achieve considerable improvements in information management. The Uinta total solution of software and hardware is an ideal choice for construction management to continue doing what they do best, in communicating with efficiency.

2. Optimize forms with customization

Using Juniper Systems’ Uinta™ Mapping and Data Collection Software, construction managers can create custom forms to meet the needs of their team. Users can customize daily reports, such as, work orders, change orders, equipment servicing, certificates, job safety documentation, labor management, and job costing. Instead of spending time adapting to new applications and forms, teams and management can hit the ground running with what they already know on superior software.

Anything that has been previously used in a paper format can be digitized through the Uinta software. Documents and records can be published to the cloud, saved to the device, or shared with only a select group of individuals. By publishing to the cloud, work force management can assign jobs to those on-site and ensure the team is working on the project. Team members can keep managers up to speed on the progress of specific tasks and the completion of projects.

This line of open communication and ease of transition from paper to digital is key to accomplish site planning. Those delivering materials to a site can use Uinta as a map to understand where to enter, drop off assets for immediate use, store long-term materials, and exit the site. All employees involved with a project can see what needs to be done, what is already in progress, and what has been completed. Organizing information associated with the forms, tasks, and records can be done effortlessly with Uinta software. Customizing forms with Uinta provides individuals and teams the efficiency needed to manage the logistics of managing construction sites without the hassle of downtime associated with learning.

3. Begin projects with ease

Starting a new project can be difficult. Many obstacles that can damage the efficiency and timeliness of a project coming off the ground. Learning an entirely new software to manage a construction site can be a daunting task. However, with Uinta, it can be effortlessly learned in just a few minutes.

Management can have confidence that their team will learn the software without taking time away from projects. The job site can be rather demanding of time and resources for construction teams. It’s important to Juniper Systems that users in the field and at the office can hit the ground running with as minimal obstacles as possible. The design of the Uinta software was particularly focused on creating the most user-friendly software possible.

Here’s what Matt Bellman of Sweetwater Utility Exploration had to say, “I wasn’t sure how quickly my guys would be able to pick up being able to use it, but so far, they all have gotten really good with it in about a day or so.”

This user-friendly software is simple enough that the GPS capabilities and horsepower design can be utilized by non-GIS users. The Geode™ Sub-meter GPS Receiver is a great addition to the Uinta software to provide the next level of accuracy in mapping and managing assets. It is a simple to use, no-nonsense GPS receiver with only one button for simplicity. Combine the software and Geode with the Mesa® Rugged Tablet, and this total solution is an ideal choice for those in the construction management industry.

The Mesa Rugged Tablet attached to a GIS pole at a construction site
The Mesa Rugged Tablet attached to a GIS pole at a construction site

4. Get live and personalized support

The Uinta Mapping and Data Collection Software goes beyond information management, custom forms, and an easy-to-use platform. Receiving live and personalized support might be the greatest benefit of using Juniper Systems’ software and hardware to improve the workflow for construction management. We have a team of engineers, technical support, sales, and more, all under one roof.

ISO 9001-certified facility
Juniper Systems office and manufacturing building

These experts provide users with the information they need for an ideal data collection experience in any environment or job. Our team can provide solutions to questions, requests, and concerns. Juniper Systems accomplishes this by having product development, engineering, product support, and manufacturing in the same facility. When anyone calls in, they get to talk with an expert, not a robot.

Whether users need tips and tricks or additional advice on best practices to keep the solution working optimally, users can be supported by our world-class team.

Contact our team of experts to learn more about how our total solution can improve the workflow for your job.

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