5 of the best accessories for the new Geode GNS3 GNSS Receiver

This article discusses some of the best accessories professionals can use with the latest GNSS receiver from Juniper Systems, the Geode GNS3. Focusing on the how and why professionals utilize these accessories can provide readers with insight into what to consider for accessories in the field. The items listed can be purchased through Juniper Systems or a third-party retailer.

The all-new Geode GNS3, front view.
The all-new Geode GNS3

Survey Pole (GPS Rover Rod)

Survey Pole (GPS Rover Rod)

The survey pole offered by Juniper Systems is a snap lock rover rod accessory. This two-meter pole is collapsible to save space and make it easier for professionals to transport and carry the pole. One of the primary reasons mapping professionals choose a survey pole is because it allows users to position the receiver most accurately. The Geode GNSS Receiver by Juniper Systems comes equipped with a brass ¼ “– 20 to 5/8 “adapter, for the Geode to securely attach to the rover rod. The Geode GNS3 is designed so it can be used with all standard survey pole equipment.

Shoulder Mount

Shoulder mount for a GNSS Receiver
The Geode GNSS Receiver conveniently located on the shoulder of this field worker.

The Geode Shoulder Mount is a great hands-free method for users to attach to any standard backpack strap. This accessory is an ideal light weight option for users working in rough terrain and tight areas. It is a cable free option that won’t get snagged or lose connection with your GNSS Receiver. For professionals working in stream mapping, forest asset surveys, working with livestock, or other outdoor activities benefit from this accessory being an excellent choice for hands-free data collection.

External Cabled Magnetic Antenna

External Cabled Magnetic Antenna
An external magnetic antenna attached directly to the Geode while strapped to a backpack strap for greater usability.

The external cabled magnetic antenna lets users keep the GNSS receiver protected. The magnetic antenna can be attached to a backpack shoulder strap for an easy hands-free carrying option. It can also be mounted on the roof of a vehicle leaving the less expensive antenna exposed to the environment instead of the receiver.

This accessory continues to be used by professionals in logging, snow grooming, forestry services, and more. Users typically choose this accessory when there is a high risk of damage or the need for the antenna to be remote from the user collecting and mapping data. Juniper Systems offers this external cable magnetic antenna in the single frequency version of the GNS3. The Juniper team can recommend antennas that can work with the multifrequency Geode GNS3M.

Geode/Smartphone Trays

Geode Sub-meter GPS Receiver
The Geode easily connects to a variety of devices.

A smartphone tray for a GNSS receiver gives users the ability to capture data with one hand. Some of the typical users Juniper has seen benefit from this accessory include professionals in utility services, mapping, and others. Users of this accessory can attach the Geode to a Cedar CP3 Rugged Smartphone, Archer, or BYOD (bring your own device) smartphone to have both components work as an integrated device.

For Geode mounts specific to newer consumer smartphones from manufactures such as Apple, Samsung, and Google, we recommend visiting SlipGrip, www.slipgripcarmounts.com.

The ability to attach a component that works best for the user or work makes this accessory even more attractive to users looking for an easy-to-use GNSS accessory.


There are quite a few options for users to consider for mounting the Geode GNSS Receiver. The options that will be highlighted include a Triple Magnetic mount, Single magnetic ATV mount, a Yoke Clamp Bar Mount, and a U-bolt and Strap Bar Mount.

Triple Magnetic Mount

The triple magnetic mount can attach the receiver to any vehicle and the receiver will stay in place. The quick-release feature, when used with a quick-release adapter on a rover rod makes it a quick and easy way to capture data in agricultural fields, commercial irrigation, and other working environments. The receiver will continue to receive good GPS data from vehicle to walking. It’s an option that allows users to come to work and have the device ready to go. Other benefits of using a mount are no strapping and no tightening. This accessory is available through Juniper Systems Premier Dealers.

Single magnetic mount

One of the key differences between the single magnetic mount and the triple magnetic mount is the ease of removal from a vehicle or ATV. The single mount can easily be pulled off the vehicle. It is ideal for private and government trail mapping, forestry services, and weed control to name a few industries. Securing this hardware is fast and easy.

Yoke Clamp Bar Mount

Yoke Clamp Bar Mount
The Yoke Clamp Bar Mount that is ideal for ATV mounts and other bars.

The Yoke Clamp Bar Mount can be attached to an ATV or jet skis. This accessory makes it easier for users that need an extra hand to record and collect data or drive a vehicle with both hands. For those in the harbor mapping profession, this can be an essential accessory to attach a GNSS receiver to a jet ski or other water vehicle. The key benefit of using the yoke mount attachment is that it is a quick attachment and removal for applications where the receiver needs to be easily moved to different vehicles.

U-bolt and Strap Bar Mount

U-bolt and Strap Bar Mount
The U-bolt and Strap Bar Mount accessory for the Geode GNSS Receiver.

This accessory is potentially the most versatile for users looking to attach a GNSS receiver securely. The U-blot and Strap Bar Mount can be attached to a UTV, ATV, and anything bigger than a row mount. It is a secure and tight mount.

Additional accessories for carrying and mounting

The accessories listed above are just a few of the accessories professionals use in the field for mapping and data collection. Users can view additional carrying and mounting options for the Geode in the article, “Which Geode carrying or mounting option is best for you?”. For additional information or questions, visit the Geode product page or connect with our sales team.

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