6 of the best accessories professionals are using in the field with their rugged tablet

Juniper Systems has compiled a list of the six best accessories professionals are using to increase productivity and comfort with a Mesa® Rugged Tablet. This article provides users with the inside scoop on accessories that are tried and true for professionals in the field and office. Find out how to benefit from any one of these six best-selling accessories for rugged tablet users.

The Pistol Grip

Users in warehouses, transportation and logistics, healthcare, or any number of industries benefit from the pistol grip for barcode scanning. The Pistol Grip was designed with the user in mind. Juniper Systems understands that for users scanning large amounts of inventory, fatigue is real.

The pistol grip was designed to ergonomic perfection to reduce strain and maximize productivity. With a 2-stage trigger, rapid barcode scanning is no longer a dream, but a reality. The anti-slip cover has already improved the workflow of many professionals in cold or wet environments. Users no longer lose their grip and can easily complete the jobs to be done. In addition to this, Juniper Systems offers a pistol grip case for easy carrying in between scans.

See the Pistol Grip in action below:

The barcode/RFID solution by Juniper Systems with the Mesa Rugged Tablet

Four-point Harness

Users looking for a hands-free system, need to look no further. This webbing-based harness is used to carry the Mesa Rugged Tablet hands-free. Users use this accessory in the field as data is being collected and reviewed. Field workers often find themselves walking through terrain while collecting valuable data from site to site. The hassle of losing one’s balance while holding a device is relieved with the four-point harness by Juniper Systems. Users have found that with the four-point harness there is greater ease and speed when walking from one location to the next for the review of information.

Juniper Systems' four-point harness for improved and easier carrying for professionals in the field.
Four-point harness for hands-free operation

Adjustable Shoulder Strap

This simple to use accessory is a favorite of Juniper users. When users find themselves with multiple devices in the field it can be overwhelming. The shoulder strap allows users quicker screen access while moving from one site to the next. While collecting information from point a to b, users have found that they can support other devices with ease.

An adjustable shoulder strap for rugged tablets in the field.
Adjustable Shoulder Strap for easy carrying

Mesa Rugged Attachable Keyboard

Users tasked with intensive data entry understand that the device accessories are just as important, if not more important than the device itself. This accessory eliminates the need for an on-screen keypad. The attachable Mesa keyboard gives users a tactile interface, haptic response, and more screen real-estate. It can easily be attached to the Mesa for handheld use or mounted to a GIS pole. Professionals continue to be impressed with the alphanumeric keyboard for rapid entry of asset information and coordinates.

For users in wet environments, Juniper Systems has found that the attachable keyboard will provide higher fidelity entry for data in comparison to a touchscreen. This is also true for cold environments that users may find themselves in.

Take a look at the Mesa Rugged Attachable Keyboard here:

A Rugged Tablet Attachable Keyboard for any professional

GIS pole bracket

This bracket is as versatile as it gets for rugged tablet accessories. The pole bracket can be mounted in no time at all, without any headache. It can be mounted to a pole, vehicle, piece of equipment, or with any other compatible RAM Mount accessory. Users can mount a rugged tablet vertically or horizontally with no trouble. This accessory was designed for users to utilize the camera and ports while in use. The bracket itself is not limited to GIS applications alone, it can be mounted to create a great low-profile option for any industry.

Mesa Office Dock

The Mesa Office Dock is a trusted accessory for users looking for cost savings and versatility. Users have found that the need for an office computer, field computer, and a GPS device can all be replaced with the Mesa and Office Dock. Many are taking advantage of the Mesa with the Office Dock to limit the number of devices they carry, save time, and have less complexity in management. There is no need to transfer data from tablet to computer at the end of the day. The Office Dock supports multiple monitors and network connectivity for an easy-to-use tablet that becomes your computer.

See how easy it is to use the Mesa Office Dock by watching the video below:

The 2-in-1 tablet professionals utilize

More accessories and configurations

Our team of accessory experts walk users through the various environments these accessories and more are used in. Click below to learn how these accessories can help you get the most out of your rugged tablet.

Accessories professionals continue to use by Juniper Systems

Juniper Systems is aware of the many unique cases a rugged tablet can be used for. If you don’t see an accessory that is needed for your specific job, then let us know by contacting us below. We can bundle something together or we can create a new accessory.

We also offer configurations to our devices to meet the needs of various industries. The Mesa 3 with Smart Card Reader is just one example of when Juniper Systems has met the needs of a partner.

The Smart Card Reader for top of the line security

Let us know how we can help make your job safer with hands-free operation or easier with an additional feature. Contact us here.

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