Elecdata’s Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet Review for Water Resource Applications

Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet for Water Resource Our partner, Elecdata, recently tested the Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet™ with several popular water resource software applications and wrote a great review on how it performed. The tested software included: Teledyne RD Instruments (TRDI) WinRiver II and Q-View, In-Situ Win-Situ 5, Teledyne ISCO FlowLink 5, and Electronic Data Solutions DataPlus Mobile.

In Elecdata’s words: “This was to determine how viable and useable the software was on a 7” capacitive display, test Bluetooth® connectivity and range, USB communication port setup, as well as general download, installation, and operation of these programs.”

Mesa 2 with Elecdata's Data Plus MobileHere are a few highlights from their post:

“…the Mesa 2 provides a rugged alternative to a traditional laptop.”
“Functionally, the Mesa 2 has excellent ergonomics and is comfortable to hold either in portrait or landscape orientation.”
“With the optional Mesa 2 dock, the Mesa 2 can become the only computer you will need.”

We think their post is very helpful to those evaluating the Mesa 2 for use in water resource data collection. You can read more about the results of Elecdata’s testing by visiting their blog, here.

To learn more about our Windows 10 Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet, click here. Or, contact us online or by phone at 435-753-1881 for a quote.

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