Equine vet shares experience with EmberEquine Ultrasound and Recordkeeping Solution

EmberEquine Ultrasound and Recordkeeping Solution

Equine practitioner David K. Price of Smithfield, Utah has used the EmberEquine Ultrasound and Recordkeeping Solution by Juniper Systems for just over a year – and his clients have noticed. For the past 24 years, Price has worked as a solo practitioner doing lots of ambulatory work. Price sees at least 500 horses a year and became interested in a simple solution that would fit the needs of his busy practice. We asked Price a few questions about his experience using the EmberEquine Ultrasound and Recordkeeping Solution during a busy reproductive season. Here’s what he said:

1. Before you implemented EmberEquine, what were you using for your mare exams and recordkeeping?

“I’ve been running my practice since 1984. I’ve seen a lot and technology has come a long way since that time. In the beginning, I used massive 50-pound ultrasounds. After a while, I transitioned into smaller ultrasounds with screens that were way too small and then a laptop-like ultrasound. For recordkeeping, I just used paper. Somedays I’d forget my record book and try my best to remember all the work I did throughout the day. Then other times, it would get wet and dirty on the job. Now we’ve arrived at a touchscreen ultrasound with a large, bright screen and I can measure images directly on the ultrasound. Then, I do all my recording right there. I don’t ever have to sift through my paper records or worry about forgetting my book.”

2. What were the problems with your old equine ultrasounds and your recordkeeping system, and how did EmberEquine address those problems?

“Where to start … On my old ultrasound: I had limited probe options, the screen was pretty difficult to see, the ultrasound image itself wasn’t clear, and I had to do quite a bit of estimating and guess-work. With my recordkeeping process, there were a lot of problems. Aside from the fact my paper records were being used in a pretty messy environment, it was also a challenge to keep them updated on the spot. Because of my booked schedule, I was often going from appointment to appointment. I had to go back at the end of each day and try to remember all the procedures I performed so I could create all my invoices. I was also in trouble if I ever left my book of records anywhere. It was pretty difficult to keep everything in order without them. Honestly, I think I was content with my old system for so long because I didn’t know what else was out there.

EmberEquine has completely shifted the way I run my practice. From an equine ultrasound standpoint, the 4VetJ gives me awesome screen visibility with a clear, bright image. The touchscreen measurement feature allows me to take exact measurements and eliminate estimating. And the recordkeeping functionality of the Mesa 2 with the Ember software has been a game-changer. I’m able to quickly enter all the mare info into the software, attach the measured images, create a follow-up appointment, and create an invoice in a matter of minutes. I also feel like it’s helped me remember things to put on the invoice, so it’s saved money that way.

3. How has EmberEquine changed the way you run your practice?

“I don’t spend any time on the computer after work. Before Ember, I was typically spending around two hours updating my records and putting invoices from that day together. Everything I used to have to do after work can now be done at the appointment before I drive away. The follow-up appointment and billing codes can all be done right there.

I’ve also seen higher customer satisfaction. My clients are a lot more involved in the decision-making process because of the instant information I’m able to share with them. Because of the image transfer and client report features in Ember, all my clients receive their mare record before the appointment is over. I just turn on my hotspot, connect my Mesa 2, and send the report with the ultrasound images to the client and they have it on their phone before I leave.”

4. What are some of your favorite features of EmberEquine?

“The software is extremely intuitive. I didn’t feel like I had to learn some complex software or retrain myself on how to run my practice. It’s what I’ve been doing for the past 24 years – just digital. It really does feel like it was designed by vets, for vets. I’ve really enjoyed its ability to share information with others. Another thing to point out would be the Mesa 2 can completely replace your current office computer. I got rid of my office computer about a year ago and now I just dock the Mesa 2 and work on my monitor.

I really feel like Ember has given me a leg up on the competition. The farm owners have all been really impressed with my ability to share so much information with them. All my records are safely stored in the cloud and I can pull up any information the second I need it. So if someone has a question, I can use past images for reference.”

5. How easy was it for you to implement EmberEquine into your existing workflow?

“Juniper Systems made the entire process really easy. They imported all my existing client and mare information for me and it was all right there ready to go. It’s pretty obvious they’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure you’re up and running. Any time I have a problem or question, they’re always there to hop on a call or come out for a visit.”

If you’re an equine veterinarian or breeding farm manager interested in the EmberEquine Ultrasound and Recordkeeping Solution, call us at 435-753-1881 or email sales@junipersys.com. We’re currently offering a 30-day free software trial. This trial gives veterinarians the opportunity to try the software, without any commitment. Click here for your activation code.

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