Frontier Precision helps customers across various industries start GIS programs using Juniper Systems’ rugged smartphones, tablets, and GPS receivers

Business partnerships are essential in helping move the rugged handheld, data collection, and GIS solutions industries forward. Together Juniper Systems and Frontier Precision offer customers across various industries the tools and support they need to complete their jobs.

Frontier is currently featuring promotions that make it easy for any organization new to GIS, or ones looking to expand current GIS operations, get started faster and with the support that they need. It’s important that the customer feel comfortable with the equipment they are purchasing.

“Customers want to pick up a device that has all of the familiar features to them as their consumer grade device and offers dependability to ensure there is no downtime due to issues with the hardware,” said Jacob Wittenberg, geospatial technical services advisor at Frontier Precision.

Juniper and Frontier have the products to get you field ready.

“Fieldwork presents challenges, especially for those looking for a solution that can get them through a full day in challenging environments,” Wittenberg continued. “Partnering these devices with high-accuracy GNSS receivers for more accurate location information and streaming data requires a device that can supply the required battery life to meet the needs of all-day use.”

Experience Juniper Rugged™  

Devices from Juniper Systems offer the required features customers are looking for in the field. Products such as the Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet, Cedar CT8 Rugged Tablet, and Cedar CP3 Rugged Smartphone are rugged without being too bulky and heavy. They also offer long-lasting battery life and are built on familiar Windows 10 and Android platforms. In addition, the screens are sunlight-readable and provide responsiveness for familiar touchscreen gestures and data entry.

“The bottom line is that our customers can pick up a Juniper device, go out into any environment and get their work done without worry that their hardware will let them down,” Wittenberg said.

Frontier’s current promotions are built around getting customers field ready with rugged computing and GPS receivers for mapping needs. Aptly named Jump Start, these promotional packages take the guesswork and complexity out of trying to put together your own mapping solution.  

“Our Jump Start bundles are more than a jump start,” Wittenberg said. “They offer instant success with deploying GIS to the field, we provide training and technical support if issues arise.”

With Jump Start, Frontier is offering a complete package of not only hardware but software and training.

Get your “Jump Start”

Each Jump Start bundle includes hardware, set-up, training, and technical support:

  • Four hours of online implementation and training with your choice of mapping software – Collector, Survey123, or TerraFlex
    • Publishing your data to the cloud
    • Setting up real-time corrections for high-accuracy
    • One-on-one online training of workflows and best practices
  • One year of Frontier Precision’s Support Now subscription
    • After your system is set up, Frontier is committed to assisting if issues arise
    • Priority technical support – help when you need it!
    • 10% discount on additional training
  • Your choice of professional grade mapping hardware packages

“Applications like Collector, Survey123, or TerraFlex have vastly simplified the user’s experience with bringing GIS to the field,” Wittenberg said. “However, it has created more work in the office getting data prepped, setting up real-time GNSS corrections, understanding where datum transformations come into play, setting up metadata fields – we can help set you up for success.”

One highlighted Jump Start package is centered around sub-meter GPS accuracy and features Juniper products. The Cedar CP3 Rugged Smartphone running Android and the Geode Sub-meter GPS Receiver are at the core of this package. Providing a field-ready GIS solution backed with Frontiers world-class support, as well as Junipers’ device support.

Geode Sub-meter GPS Receiver
The Geode and Cedar CP3 Rugged Smartphone with tray kit.
  • Read about the CP3 and Geode together here.
  • Read about the Geode in action here.

Juniper Systems values its many partners. With Frontier, Juniper is proud to have a partner with industry expertise in both supplying products to customers and post-sale support.  

Visit us at the 2019 Esri User Conference

Juniper Systems and Frontier Precision are both excited to be attending the 2019 Esri User Conference in San Diego, July 8–12. If you are attending, we look forward to speaking with you. Juniper Systems will be in booth #930 and Frontier Precision will be in booth #2027.

You can read more about Frontier at Esri here. If you are not attending the conference, please feel free to contact us anytime. If you wish to take advantage of Frontier’s Jump Start promotions please contact them here.


  1. I wanna ask you 1 question is this actually true:- Juniper Systems devices deliver the characteristics that clients in the sector are looking for. Products like the Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet, the Cedar CT8 Rugged Tablet and the Cedar CP3 Rugged Smartphone are rough without being too heavy and bulky….. if rough smartphones are not heavy then there is a fear to lose that.

  2. Can you please tell me from which store or website I can get this “Cedar CT8 Rugged Tablet” as I tried my best to contact junipers to get the product ?

  3. Hello sir, please provide the latest update to the topic as well as Esri! Awaiting for that

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