Juniper Systems: An industry leader in rugged hardware customization and integrations

Juniper Systems has become an industry leader in customization, integrations, and private labels for ultra-rugged devices. Providing businesses and users with cutting-edge technology, high-performance hardware, and user-friendly devices is what Juniper does best. What makes Juniper stand out from the competition is designing and manufacturing superior equipment in the United States, producing to order, and 100% testing of every handheld made.

Design, manufacturing, and support

Being located in the United States comes with many advantages for businesses looking for an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Some of these advantages include simple importing of products and parts, shorter lead times, and less politics. In addition to these advantages, Juniper Systems corporate office includes customer support, engineering, product management, sales, manufacturing, and so much more under one roof.

Having nearly every department in the same building, with local offices around the world, makes it easier and faster for users, businesses, and partners to get answers. No matter the reason, a person will always be on the other end of a correspondence to provide world-class customer care. Our team of experts can quickly get in touch with manufacturing, engineering, or product management to provide accurate answers and solutions for the mobile workers and partners Juniper serves. This makes it quick and easy for organizations to gather information about new and current products.  

Multiple rugged devices ready to be customized.
Multiple rugged devices ready to be customized

Eric Joss, a business development professional at Juniper Systems, shared a recent story where a customer of Juniper needed a quick fix and found the support they needed as soon as they called in.

“One of our customers was having an issue with saltwater dripping on the screen while operating in an under-water mine,” Joss said. “The saltwater was interfering with the wet profile of the Mesa Rugged Tablet. To resolve the issue quickly, we reached out to the engineer, Rick Shaw, responsible for the design of the touch profiles. Within a few minutes Rick was on the phone with our customer and able to identify the issue with a quick resolution.”

Producing custom ultra-rugged tablets, field computers, and GPS receivers at lower quantities

As an industry leader for rugged hardware configurations and integrations, Juniper Systems produces to order.  Offering lower-than-average minimum order size for custom devices is easier and more convenient for organizations looking to create and purchase a small quantity of custom equipment.

As an OEM of rugged hardware with existing platforms, Juniper Systems can develop a custom device for a much lower cost and greater flexibility than a company building and developing a device in-house themselves. Often times companies explore developing their own rugged computing devices and quickly realize the cost associated with doing so. An OEM like Juniper offers that same custom device that meets an organizations’ needs with our all the cost of developing their own.

Customization for rugged devices by Juniper Systems

100% testing of every product

Unlike competitors, Juniper Systems tests each and every product that goes out our door for 100% testing. A lot of manufacturers in the industry will measure and test the first and last five of each batch of products. This method assumes that every product between the first and last five meet the specifications and qualifications required. Unfortunately, with this assumption things can happen and there isn’t a guarantee that every product made meets the standard or certification requested or advertised.

To avoid these issues, Juniper Systems measures and tests every product before they go out the door. This allows the company to ensure that every single unit meets the standards and specifications of the company and purchaser. The product quality significantly increases with this method of testing and guarantees that specifications, certifications, and standards are met before the device ships.

Some of the tests and certifications include: IP68, MIL-STD-810G, battery power, sunlight readability, ergonomics, and more to provide the ultimate rugged products for mobile workers around the world.

The Mesa Rugged Tablet tested for IP68 rating

Experience makes a difference

With nearly 30 years of experience as an OEM in the United States, Juniper Systems has remained committed to providing ultra-rugged data collectors and software of the highest quality to end users and businesses around the world. Designing, manufacturing, and supporting products in house is one of many ways Juniper Systems stands out against the competition. Testing every single product before it ships out ensures quality and builds confidence. In addition to each of these highly desirable qualities, Juniper Systems offers live, personalized, world-class support that can’t be beat. Contact us or visit our  OEM page for more information related to the customizations, configurations, and integrations Juniper offers.

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